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The 1st Philippine Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

New Worlds brings together – for the first time in Philippine history! – fans from all the major science fiction and fantasy genres into one giant convention. Organized by Via Astris, the country’s Star TrekTM Club, and supported by the leading clubs for Star WarsTM, Harry PotterTM, Buffy the Vampire SlayerTM, The X-FilesTM, Lord of the RingsTM, and a host of other similar organizations. New Worlds will be the biggest focused-demographic gathering of its kind ever.

New Worlds will be on March 12, 2003, 3 pm to midnight, at the Premiere THX Theater Complex (Cinema, Club V Bar, Brotherz Gameroom, and Mile Long Parking Lot), formerly known as Louie's THX Theater. Timed for the opening day of Star Trek: Nemesis , the 10th film in the most durable Sci-Fi franchise of all time, New Worlds is a convention, eyeball event, movie screening, and collector’s fair all rolled into one mega-affair.

The Convention will also be the venue for Philippine SF&F fans to meet, join up, sell/buy toys, books, games, videos, costumes, collectibles, swap, and share their common interests in the genres that account for more merchandise marketing than any other special interest sector in the 18-35 year old market segment. Other activities are a film screening of Star Trek: Nemesis, giveaways/raffles, costume contest, trivia contest, LegoTM building contest, club role playing shows, and fan film screenings.

Participating Organizations:

- Via Astris - The Star Trek Club of the Philippines
- Star Wars Philippines
- Pinoy Slayers (Buffy/Angel group)
- The Philippine Tolkien Society
- Pinoy Harry Potter
- Pinoy X-Philes

For more information, please visit the website at this URL:


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