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Tempura recipe [Merged]

hello. not sure if there's already a thread about this.
anybody here who wants to share his/her tempura recipe, especially the preparation of the batter and the tempura sauce?



  • i've had the recipe for the tempura sauce of kimpura but di ko alam ang measurements since tagal ko na ito last na ginawa. all i know is there's kikkoman, grated radish, grated ginger, beef broth ata yun. soweee ha...di ko na maalala eh.....will try to ask my bro if he had kept it somewhere....

  • tama si reddawn....

    Ate ???
  • Hello there! does anyone have a really good recipe for SHRIMP TEMPURA? I am referring to the kind that Japanese restaurants serve. I really like its threadlike coating after frying. thnx
  • The batter is the secret.

    Combine 1/2 cup of all purpose flour and 1/2 cup cornstarch in a bowl. Slowly add ice water (water with ice cubes) and mix with chopsticks, until mixture slightly thicker than pancake mix. Place bowl in ice bath and use immediately. Do not overmix, a few lumps here and there is OK.

    Prepare vegtables and shrimp beforehand. Sweet Potato is good, sliced thinly across. Spring Onions, Okra halves, julliened sweet pepers, and onion rings can also be used. Wash shrimps well. Devein shrimps, remove head but not the tails. Small fillets of firm white fish is also a good choice.

    Make sure oil is hot. Dip wooden chopsticks in oil and observe if bubbles form around tip. If bubbles form, oil is ready for use.

    Make small batches and keep batter very cold. Dip vegtable or shrimp in batter and fry away till slightly golden. After removing tempura, remove odd bits in oil, if not it will burn and spoil the next batch.

    Have a cooling rack ready with newspaper underneath to catch the drippings. Drain tempura well of oil before serving. Cold tempura loses the cruntch, so serve it immediately.

    Dipping sauce is spring onions, horseraddish (japanese section of grocery) and good kikoman soy sauce. Some eat tempura with only a sprinkling of fine sea salt (ordinary sea salt in a food processor with zest of lemon, pulse two or three time until very fine).
  • :toohappy: thanks a million eprot for the very clear instructions. i will try it and will let you know the outcome. muchas gracias!
  • :toohappy: thanks a million eprot for the very clear instructions. i will try it and will let you know the outcome. muchas gracias!

    :confused: kamusta...what's the result???????:confused:

    don't forget to use corn oil
    do not use copper pan, thick stainless w/ 6 inches deep and wider diameter or TEFLON much better for beginner's.
    3 inches deep (oil)
    regarding the temperature of the oil...hot but not nearly burning :eek:
    if you see the mild smoke:eek: add oil for the remedy.
    the tempura should be cooked inside and out.
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