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Elvish Insults...(Quenya)

ELves are known for their peacefulness and traquility... but they do have their share of insults:bungi:

--Amin Delotha Lle:I hate You
--Lle Naa Haran E' Nausalle: You are king in your imagination
--Lle N'Vanima Ar'lle Atara Lanniena:You are ugly and your mother dresses you funny:evil_lol:
--Dolle Naa: your head is empty


  • sorry to burst your bubble but these are not Elvish phrases, either Quenya or Sindarin. kuha mo to sa greycompany noh? sorry po pero it's not authentic. pang-role playing lang sya. gawa-gawa lang nila. :)
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