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Help! I wanna learn how to write better...

...any tips? :)


  • you just have to read read read and, um, read a lot of reading materials from books, newspapers and magazines
    it also helps a lot if you are reading something that you like and interested in
  • COntinue Pexing...
    I was a horrible writer before. Pero ngayon, Hindi na masyadong Horrible. :D

    By reading the posts of geniuses (and the heck, there are lots of 'em here), parang nagbabasa ka na rin ng isang literary work..
  • gasolinegasoline PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    pinoywriters.net conducts workshops every saturday at 3rd floor goodwill bookstore.. registration is 200 :) join ka nung yahoo groups nila :)
  • you should read a lot...that made me interested in writing :D
  • Try mo lang ito.

    While the title does say it's particularly for supernatural "horror" fiction, you can use Lovecraft's writing tips for almost any genre... Learn from the masters, 'ika nga. ^_^

    The Ugly Duck's Page
  • I wanna learn too!!!

    people tell me of course TO READ AND READ AND READ and keep a journal :D
  • i agree with trent_nin. keeping a journal lets you practice your writing skills. another good piece of advice is to keep a dictionary/thesaurus close by. it'll help expand your vocabulary. :)
  • uhmmm....am not a good writer either....dont really love reading...hehehe laki ng problem no?

    binabasa ko lang stuff na interesting sa akin. love to read mags different articles on health and kakikayan hhehehe
  • hehe ako rin. well, i rarely free read cos i dont have time to do so during the school year. i do have time during the summer...but that's when im not taking any summer classes. la rin akong time to take workshops and such...haaaayyy, pano nako matututo nyan??? :rolleyes:
  • I suggest you try reading "Elements of Style" by Strunk and E.B. White. Ever since high school, I've been told that it's the Bible of writers. :)

    Of course, nothing still beats practice and consulting the experts (read and read a lot!).
  • Sanayan lang yan kayang kaya yan!! :D

    Ako nga natuto na rin but I'm still getting there. I love my teachers who "murder" my papers, that's how I learn and I make it a point to read all of the readings assigned since there are times I can't pick up a book. But I still can't finish a book right away since I prefer magazines.

    I also have Strunk! I have 3 copies of the little book since I want to learn how to write and this was the perfect gift for me ever since I announced it to the family. May stock pa yan sa Nation, reasonable price pa.
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