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American Idol 2

premieres on January 21st. That's a week from now! :)


  • I know!:bounce: I can't wait! Hehe.. Have you seen the trailer? Sooo funny no? I can't believe why there are people who'd still go to the auditions even if they can't sing! Kawawa tuloy sila kay Simon!:glee:
  • marsloop.gif omg~! :whatthe: thanks for this thread. i dont know nothing~! :bonkself: what time>? i hope it's not in conflict with other shows that i watch... :bawling:

    no...not smallive...gilmore girls...pede pa~! :lol: what if...sa bachelorette>? or sa celebrity mole hawaii :ayaw: no a big NO~! :bash:


    anyways, what time>? fox channel diba>? :D
  • dramaqu33n: yea ive seen the trailer. pero yung nakita ko maikli lang. it's the one that always shows simon's aggravated face. :) hehe

    hannah17smb: it's gonna be on FOX, 8:00pm/7:00c. right before Joe Millionaire! (hannah, do u watch this?) i know, this is going to be in conflict with my watching Buffy! tape ko na lang! hehe

    this is the official website.
  • Originally posted by chikay
    dramaqu33n: yea ive seen the trailer. pero yung nakita ko maikli lang. it's the one that always shows simon's aggravated face. :) hehe

    You gotta see it! :D Sobrang funny! Kaiba talaga mga comments ni Simon. Here's one that I love.. "If you were born 2000 years ago, I think they would've stoned you to death." *LOL* :lol: Then the other one that I saw was, "You got to be the worst singer in the entire world!" :glee: Kakahiya grabe! I'm the one who's embarrassed for those poor souls.

    Hannah: Hello! :wave: Central time ka diba? Hmm.. this Monday na yung A.I. right? It'll conflict with 7th Heaven on WB (I don't really watch this anymore).. what else. La na yata. :D Oohh.. can't wait!
  • im really excited about it :) But im sure there will never be another kelly ;) I mean, special si Kelly kasi sya ang first ever winner diba? :)

    I thought Tuesday ang premiere?? diba usually naman Tuesday ang competition and Wednesday ang results??
  • I thought it was gonna be on Monday, di pala. :blushing: I just checked the official site out and it says:
    Season Premiere

    Part 1 - Tuesday, January 21st 8PM/7C - 90 minutes
    Part 2 - Wednesday, January 22nd 8:30PM/7:30C - 90 minutes

    Ooooohhh... I'll miss Gilmore Girls and the first half of Smallville on Tuesdays and then Dawson's Creek on Wednesdays!! :lol: Ahhh.. choices! choices!
  • marsloop.gif :eek: conflict sa the bachelorette~!!! :( d?mn whole show~! pati sa smallville ng 30minutes~! :bawling: buti nlng nde sa celebrity mole hawaii :bungi: un sa smallville pede naman magswitch ng channels eh or kaya sa sunday me rerun diba :glee:

    chikay i dont watch Joe Millionaire. listed above are the shows who are in conflict :lol: hehehe...

    :wave: dramaqu33n yep, CST ako~! :dance: nakakaasar~! :bash: nde ren ako nood ng gg eh hehe...

    ay teka pala...ano ba yang sked na yan for the season premiere lang or sa whole season like every week>?
  • meyet: yea it's gonna be shown on January 21st. that's a tuesday. malapit na! i think they're only gonna show the auditions, hnde yung actual competition. from what i can remember from the previous season, they had the competition during the whole summer. so baka maghihintay pa tayo ng matagal.

    dramaqu33n: i think ive seen those teasers. hehe kakatuwa tignan mga reactions nila. so funny. konti lang ang awa ko kase sila naman ang gustong mag-audition so they should be prepared for a major adverse criticism. hehe

    hannah: wow, u're a big fan of reality tv, huh? i was too, not anymore. before i used to watch the bachelor, but now i only get to watch the reruns of the osbournes on weekends. :) oh yeah, joe millionaire is sorta like the bachelorette but more absurd. hehe. (i don't watch it though...but i would, if i have a tv in my dorm :) )
  • oh yea i heard that Ryan Seacrest will host the show on his own. the other guy, what's his face, decided to pursue his "career", so i guess we won't be seeing him this season.
  • Originally posted by chikay
    oh yea i heard that Ryan Seacrest will host the show on his own. the other guy, what's his face, decided to pursue his "career", so i guess we won't be seeing him this season.

    Hehe :D "The other guy" is Brain Dunkleman.(sp?) It shames me to admit that I could still remember his name!:glee: Anyway, that's true.. It'll just be Ryan Seacrest hosting the show for the entire season.

    Btw, I posted in the other American Idol thread (1st season) before that there were rumors that Justin and Kelly will have an "American Idol" movie. :lol: Turns out, it pushed through! Hahaha.. I seriously think it's pushing it too far... but hey, they're milking more money that way.

    The title of the movie is gonna be "From Justin to Kelly". It's supposed to be shown after the season 2 finale of American Idol. The movie will have a Gwnyeth Paltrow and Huey Lewis' Duets and The Beatles A Hard Day's Night mix to it. :lol: Basta there's gonna be some sort of karaoke championship-ish involved. Hmm.. Oh yeah, production started last January 6th in Miami :D

    Would you guys bother to watch this flick?:wondering:
  • thanks chikay :D

    anyways, yeah I think mga 3 episodes or 4 pa ata before they started competing sa first season :) basta I cant wait na! hehehe excited ako ;)

    Im really looking forward to simon’s nasty comments ;) hahaha
    lagi nga pala may teasers sa ET! I saw one dun sa ET sa mtv last Saturday :D macarry kaya ni Ryan ung show by himself?? Oh well, para naman kasing walang ginagawa si Brian D. don eh! LOL
  • marsloop.gif pls answer naman my previous question. :D

    excited na ako~! sa mga nakakatawang contestants~! :lol: hehe...

    yeah. papanoorin ko un show para maentertain ako sa good voices esp. ni justin noh~! :heartpump:
  • hannah17smb: i dunno the answer to ur question. pero siguro, tuloy-tuloy na yun.

    dramaqu33n: yea i heard about the movie. sabi ng friend ko, the reason why they're doing a movie is bcos the producers are afraid na baka makalimutan na natin sina justin and kelly esp now that the second season is going to be shown soon. pero i'm not really sure about the movie, i agree that they are overdoing their exposure. btw, tamyra gray will appear in 4 episodes of Boston Public.

    meyet: i know, parang si ryan lang ang natatandaan kong palaging nagsasalita. brian would speak only when it was his cue. ayaw man lang mag-adlib. well he was okay, pero his hosting wasnt as prominent as ryan's.
  • marsloop.gifchikay ganon na nga siguro :D hehe...

    kahapon nakita ko sa ET ung interview kay Justin and Kelly. ewan parang music video ata un eh :glee: or making ng movie ek ek :lol: whateber...tas tinanong pa sila about relationships sabi ni Kelly eh they are just good friends chuchu and both of them are career-oriented...


    live ba ang show sa tuesday or sa later-on shows nlng>? :D
  • So which one made you laugh?

    They said I look like Kelly Osborne... hu hu hu. :lol::rotflmao:
    Nakakatawa talaga mga auditioner.
  • marsloop.gif :whatthe: yesterday's show and today's was a total blast. :bounce2: i loved them~!!! :up:

    i can't stop laughing~!!! :rotflmao:

    i feel bad for some of them coz d "judgers" specially simon totally embarassed some of them though they were really that bad. err...dont wanna meet him in my life :glee: hehehe...or maybe i do...hehe...

    cant believe there was a boxer who joined~!!! :lol:

  • funny show, i was also able to watch it last night.

    kakaawa yung iba... :)

    there was a filipino among them.. yung 'campos' yung last name.. tama ba?
  • marsloop.gifWe all know that the season's over. Ruben won. So be it. :)

    I can't wait for the singles album come this 10th. I'm definitely gonna buy one. Of course, Clay's copy. I like Ruben and Clay but I think Clay's much better. WHATEVER OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT HIM. :lol:

    He's my AMERiCAN iDOL. The one and only. Nobody else. :glee:

    I also made a poem and posted this in a Clay Aiken Community in LiveJournal. :D

    CLAY MANiA :love:

    you might find him geeky
    but when he starts to sing
    all you can do is listen
    to his wonderful voice
    you never ever heard

    all your heart
    will surely love
    the way he sings
    the way he dances
    the way he winks

    he is our
    american idol
    whoever they crown
    we all know
    who it is

    it is him
    our one and only
    clayton aiken
    who we will support
    all the way

    I'm currently obsessed with Clay. I have like a million pictures of him. Thousands of mp3s and videos. I didn't think that he was cute until I downloaded Grease video. Hihi... :inluv:

    Clay, Clay all the way. :handsdown:

    I LOVE YOU CLAY AiKEN :inluv:

  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    (what ever happened to the other replies on the thread kaya??? :shrug2: )

    ako nga ren nanghihinayang eh. reuben was good, but i was rooting for clay all the way. natawa nga ako during the final episode, may poster, sabi "aiken for clay" hehehe, lalang, kakatawa lang :glee:

    i was watching E! last night when they reported that pre-orders for clays single (this is the night/bridge over troubled water) was twice more than reuben's (flying without wings/superstar) which was obviously odd since si clay yung runner-up.

  • marsloop.gif haha! i know...

    earlier results:

    Amazon.com 2:52 PM
    1. Clay Aiken, still.
    3. Luther Vandross--Newcomer to the list, album comes out June 10
    5. Ruben Studdard has moved up again to #5,
    12. American Idol Season 2: All Time Classic American Love Songs--Album has gained one spot!
    16. Kelly Clarkson - Thankful; Kelly has fallen yet another spot behind Evanescence

    Amazon.ca 2:56 PM
    2. Clay Aiken--Moved up one spot, he has only Norah Jones to beat, now.
    15. Kelly Clarkson - Thankful; Gained one spot
    41. American Idol Season 2: All-Time American Classic Love Songs; fallen 2 spots
    54. Ruben Studdard--jumped 12 spots since yesterday!

    maki, merong website eh aikenforclay.com :glee: hehehe. ang dami dami na nga eh. i wonder if meron si ruben. nakakatamad namang magsearch! i wanna know if his fans make screen caps, mp3s, video tribute for him! :lol:

    para sayo maki..


    grabeh na itoh. :bungi: i say don't die...pero ako..i can die all over again seeing pics like this one. haha. pasensha na po!!!

    haay ewan ba. ngayon, malamang si clay pa ang mas sumikat ke rub kahit na sha ang may title! haha. i have nothing against rub except he stole my hunny's title. no i was just kidding. haay malay. basta...

    clay all the way.
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