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how do you deal with an affair



  • rain_028rain_028 Member PExer
    hi aina_crazy_girl

    you want to bonk me on the head with a mallet? :)

    yeah, i can be very, very stupid sometimes and perhaps, i do need something as drastic as that.

    i'm trying to be unstupid, i'm trying to make it through. everybody says this darkness will pass and it will get better.

    but you know what, i feel like i have been cast aboard and am floating in the midst of a sea of storms, without a raft, or a life preserver, and with nary a sense of direction as to which is which and where is where. right now, it is very dark and i do not have even a glimpse of the horizon nor an idea of how long this night will last.

    faith buoys me. not faith in science, in god, in religion, in love or in anything else. those are too distant for my reach right now. however, faith: in my friends, my family's and everybody's words that only something better can follow a nightmare such as this, is not; it is this kind of faith that keeps me afloat.

    thank you also for replying aina_crazy_girl. go ahead, hit me with that mallet of yours. hit me as hard as you can. with any luck, i will pass out and wake up better, saner, wiser, and stronger.

    i'm glad your story is a happy one. may it remain so.
  • aina_crazy_girlaina_crazy_girl Thriving. PExer
    mine's obviously aina :)

    just think of the **** she's done to you..believe me, it'll help you bonk your very self on the head... :)
  • nome_de_plumenome_de_plume Banned by Admin PExer
    The same as the horny "Aishna" in

  • i was just wondering kung ano na nangyari sa mga nag post dito especially kay rain_028. paramdam naman kayo. ok na ba kayo nakapag move on na ba kayo after 1 year
  • baklitabaklita taas kilay PExer
    niloko nya ako, nilasap ang aking bango...
    akala ko honest si erap... bolero at hayup sya!

    tingnan nyo ngayon... magpapaopera na raw sya sa ibang bansa
    dahil sa tuhod nya... sinigurado kong pagsisihan nya ang lahat!:D
    ako prin ang nagwagi!!:D


  • aina_crazy_girlaina_crazy_girl Thriving. PExer
    Originally posted by gavin_gabriel
    i was just wondering kung ano na nangyari sa mga nag post dito especially kay rain_028. paramdam naman kayo. ok na ba kayo nakapag move on na ba kayo after 1 year

    i'll answer that.

    he got back together with michelle.. i was the last pexer he communicated with ... he sent me two cards. we spoke on the phone and said our final good-bye.
  • rabbaddalrabbaddal Westchester Ranger PExer
    Just want to share this story:

    A female friend of mine caught her BF dating/sleeping with one of his officemates. In retaliation, she started seeing this other guy with whom she had a crush on. She had so much fun with her brief affair that she overcame any ill feelings that resulted from her BF's affair. They got back together in good terms and their relationship is strong as ever now that her BF knows better than to cheat on her again.

    Lesson: What one can do, the partner can do as well.
  • rabbaddalrabbaddal Westchester Ranger PExer
    Originally posted by manabs
    I chatted on the internet and talk to people there. Ayan, I got to know this girl sa Vancouver and we've been talking a lot ever since. I no longer feel homesick and lonely even if I spend my whole day doing nothing in my apartment because I always look forward to talking with her.


    Have you seen her in-person? Sayang, kung natuloy kang mag MS sa Columbia napakilala sana kita sa mga undergrad na Pinay.:D
  • rabbaddalrabbaddal Westchester Ranger PExer
    I don't want to fan the flames, with all due respect to those who have been affected by cheating BFs/GFs in one way or another. I read an article some time ago that tries to explain the growing number of infidelity cases by both men and women and I found it quite interesting.

    What the aritcle said was that these days, there is plenty of opportunity for men and women to interact with one another in equal terms. There are many examples: at work, in school, the community, the internet, etc. This increases the likelihood of people meeting others with whom they are (or think they are) attracted to, who think they understand each other. An intense exchange of ideas, a light conversation after a hectic day or the mere opening up of personal emotions can be construed as attraction for one another. Also, because people regard each other in equal terms, there is a strong incentive to satisfy both parties' curiosity without making commitments (aka. one night stand, fling, etc.).

    It's an unfortunate trend and while it probably won't be reversed, let's hope that people learn to be responsible for the decisions they make.
  • trobitrobi i'm the teenage papa... PExer
    In love ako sa isang guy pero hindi na ko pwede kasi married na ako,hindi ko na alam gagawin ko kasi hulog na hulog na loob ko sa crush ko nahihiya naman ko aminin kasi baka lumayo sya sakin,ayoko mangyari yun.bka nga mas mahal ko pa sya sa asawa ko.

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