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Cooking Classes

Part of my new year's resolution is to start learning how to cook.

Actually, I'm interested in learning how to do native delicacies such as puto bumbong, sapin-sapin, casava cakes and other kakanins.

eh mahina ako maka-gets if magbabasa ako ng recipes so sa tingin ko taking classes would be easier. May alam ba kayong mga nag-o-offer ng cooking classes on how to make kakanins? Pls post their contact numbers, if not, kahit yung name lang nung institution or cuisine learning center.

Hehehe... thanks! :D


  • Why don't you try calling:

    Center for Culinary Arts
    Education and Training

    426-4841, 426-4837, 426-4836, 426-4825

    Cravings Center
    287 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights
    Quezon City
  • Wow! Thanks! :D Will try to inquire tomorrow.
  • Try checking out the daily newspapers particularly star and inquirer. Cooking schools like Dorothy Ferraria’s (she’s really good bec she explains everything! And she welcomes after-class questions too like you can call her up and ask why such recipe didn’t turn out the way it did when you did it hands-on in her class. She’ll tell you that you probably forgot this and that… she even lets her students in some of her cooking secrets!) , Heny Sison’s, Sylvia Reynoso’s, Maya, etc. will give you some alternatives to start your cooking spree!!!! Cooking is a lot of fun. Why don’t you enroll in basic classes and from there, you could start picking up via cookbooks!
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