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FictionAlley Park - An Online Community dedicated to Harry Potter

let's just say that this is exactly like PEx... only the forums & threads deal with everything Harry Potter! if you want to meet people who are as engrossed with HP as some of us are (including me!), then this is the forum for you!

One of the most famous forums in the site...

Self-Contained Underwater Shipping Apparatus... or simply SCUSA - if you have a favorite ship (pairing) then hop aboard! they have discussion threads on Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Ginny (my fave!), Draco/Hermione... and a whole lot more! :lovesigh:

The Characters - a forum dedicated to literally every single character from the books... whether your faves are The Dream Team (you know who they are!), The Slytherins (mainly becoz of Tom Riddle & Draco Malfoy)... even the Marauders! want to know more about them... then this is where you go! :D

to know more... head to FictionAlley Park

as far as the PExers that go here... kami lang ni badasschick ang kilala ko dun... oh well, hope to see you there! :wave:


  • I read the fanfics at FictionAlley.Org, particularly the Draco fanfics, but I don't go to the forum. :)

    VioletJersey: I understand your friend made Serpent's Bride, still the best one I've read so far. *okay*
  • blearghbleargh PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hey vj! I always see you there sa FAP. lurker lang ako don e.

    fave thread ko don e yung mga Deathmarch naka part 15 na ata sila e. :D
  • Zen, are you referring to Cassandra Cassie's Draco Trilogy??? i tell you, in terms of the plot and story-telling (w/c reminds me of LOTR), it is indeed THE best HP fanfic ever! i guess now i understand why they consider her the JK Rowling on the HP fanfic world... i think may nag-email pa ata sa kanya na nagtatanong kung sya nga talaga sa JKR? :D

    hey, fave mo din si Draco? any fics you can recommend? i'm all out of stock at the moment! :wave:

    bleargh, hehehe... lurker ka pala dun!?! usually nasa Fire & Ice ship lang ako... hehehe D/G fan forever talaga ako! wait, did i sent you na ba yung D/G fic that i promised you??? sorry talaga if not! i can still send it if you want? :bashful:
  • I go to FA too!! :bounce2:

    -is a proud member of S.S. Leather and Libraries: A Draco/Hermione ship
    -already posted two fics, one at Astronomy Tower and one at Dark Arts [under the name aramis, check it out if you have time][sorry, shameless plug.]
    -has read Draco Dormiens and Draco Sinister [likes Draco Sinister better] and is halfway through Draco Veritas by Cassandra Claire. [finds it good but chapters are sooooooo long...]
    -fave din si Draco. :lovesigh:

    may alam akong good fics, particularly
    At Night She Came To Me by bohemian vixen aka Queen of Slytherin. It's a very beautiful and very passionate piece. Ito yung nagconvince sa akin na mag Draco/Hermione. [dati Ron/Hermione ako e hehehehe]

    And guess what? Filipina yung writer!
  • purple_mage, hay naku, i've finally found a D/Her shipper sa PEx! hehehe... di ka nag-iisa though... si kal-sky maka-D/Hr din... i guess that makes us "arch-rivals" then since D/G shipper ako! i tell you, the war between our two ships is so intense! hehehe... :wink:

    you're reading DV!?! grabe, i'm still waiting for chapter 12... and i pray na may pag-asa pa ang aking ship... though inclined ata sa D/Hr si Cassie... pag nangyari yun, all D/G fans, including myself, would :bawling:

    will check out your fics... if you'll read mine, it's called Goodnight, My Someone and it's on The Dark Arts... :bashful:

    oo nga pala, PExer din si Queen of Slytherin... sya si badasschick!
  • badasschickbadasschick PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    purple_mage, thanks so much! :D Touched naman ako. :D Ikaw pala si aramis!


    Addict nako sa FA. queen of slytherin username ko doon. :D In fact, dahil lagi naman akong nasa FA, I offered my services there and now I'm one of the editors and coders ng newly submitted fics. January 2002 pako member, and malapit nang akong makaabot sa 2000 posts! :bounce:

    Grabeh, nakakatuwang basahin yung Deathmarch dun. Sobrang intense. Dati sumasali ako kaso nakakapikon na yung iba dun eh. Parang do marunong makinig. Anti-Harry/Hermione kasi ako eh.

    Basta ako, D/Hr, H/G, and R/Hr! :D
  • badasschick, wow!!! ang galing mo naman!!! hehehe... madalas nga kita mabasa sa mga threads dun! hehehe... i even read yung post mo na ni-recommend mo yung "Friend of Mine" as theme song nina R/Hr! hehehe...

    ako naman, die-hard D/G shipper... di kita kasi ma-convert! LOL! so far, ang tanging contribution ko sa site eh isa ako sa gumagawa ng Fire & Ice and GASP (a Ginny fanthread) website namin... tapos judge ako sa isang ficlet contest sa PPMT ship... hehehe... basta ako major Ginny fan! :D

    as for the Deathmatch, i gave it up na rin (nakakairita yung Du/G vs D/G!!!)... right now, dun lang ako sa F&I ship... hope to see you again sa FA :wave:
  • badasschick nice naman! nandito pala si queen of slytherin! :handsdown: galing galing mo talaga! hehe :bounce:

    VioletJersey Yung DV nga parang di ko malaman kung D/Hr o D/G kasi di ba naging H/Hr na siya... weird na e. yung author pa man din captain ng ship namin. :D ewan baka may biglang twist.

    wala pa ako contribution sa ship namin! pampagulo lang. :D

    di ko alam yung Deathmarch...:uh:
  • purple_mage, hehehe... magulo sobra si CCassie! and to think she's also ships D/G din! ang pinagdadasal nga namin na maging D/G ang DV... i mean, come on! ang tindi na nung pagmamahal ni Draco kay Hermione... pero si Harry ang pinili nya...

    besides, bakit ba selos na selos sya kay Seamus!?! i mean, it has to mean something!?!

    may DeathMatch dun sa Students Forum... ang pinakasikat dun yung H/Hr vs R/Hr... :D
  • I've dabbled in FAP frequently din for a time. Pero masyado kasi akong close-minded fan kaya di ko masakyan any other ship than Orange Crush :D I feel animosity towards H/Hr so I tend to stay within the bounds of my ship (and my guilty-pleasure ship Copper & Pearls ;) and hasn't quite breeched lurker status and started on a fic just yet.

    I've not read Cassie Claire's Draco Trilogy by choice (btw, isn't she like a fiction writer by profession?). Everyone's been talking me into reading it kasi its really good daw, but yun nga close-minded ako sa shippery issues e. The most I can be forgiving of H/other-character-than-Ginny fic was Barb Purdom's Psychic Serpent Trilogy. D/G is also okay as an aside to H/G. Arabella's The More Is My Unrest sums up the D/G possibility the best IMO.

    badasschick : I think I've seen you in every HP forum I've been in :) (Hidden Tower, SugarQuill, FAP... nag GT.net ka ba?). Medyo new ako here in PEx upon recommendation of the mod (Bostsip).

    fatologic_liar (doppelgranger in the HP forums)
  • Di ko na mabilang kung ilang fanfics na nabasa ko:D My favorite's rhysenn's fic "Irresistible Poison" Sobrang ganda kahit H/D slash fic sya (anybody who read this knows what I mean).

    Actually I'm a H/G shipper. Here's myfanfic if anybody's interested. You can review it if you want. It's my first fic so it's not that good and I kinda rushed this. There's a sequel on the way and it's going to be better than the first one.

    That's all. Thanks to those who'll read my fic!
  • badasschickbadasschick PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ako H/G ako forever and ever and ever. :D

    fatologic_liar!!!!!!!!!!!! Small online world! :D

    Oo nga, dami ko nang sinalihan na HP forums. Ganyan talaga nangyayari pag masyadong matagal naghihintay ang isang tao for a certain book, at pag meron syang free net access. :D Btw, lurker lang ako sa GT.net. :D Pero lahat halos ng fics dun nabasa ko na. :)

    I have read Cassie Claire's Draco series, and hindi ko sya nagustuhan. No, I didn't mind the D/G and the H/H very much (at isnag himala yun, kasi H/G ako). Kaya ko ayaw yung series kasi out of character kasi masyado si Draco, and na-disturb ako na na-put to one side lang si Ron. At tapos pinartner sya kay Pansy. I was like, "Okay lang ba si Cassie Claire???"

    And may serious issues noon si Cassie Claire about plagiarism. Kaya nga na-kick-out sya ng fanfiction.net. So ako, hindi na talaga bilib sa work nya. I'm a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, and I swear, some of the dialogues are taken word for word from the show! Binago lang yung names. And hindi lang daw Buffy yung kinuhaan nya, kundi iba pa, according to some people. She plagiarised a certain author named Pamela Dean. Umabot kay Pamela Dean yung plagiarism issues and na-upset sya (sino ba namang hindi--pages of her novels are copied), kaya nagkaroon ng written correspondence between her Cassie Claire. Nag-apologize daw si Cassie Claire and humngi na rin daw ng permission.

    Pero still, kung di pa sya mahuhuli, sige kopya lang sya ng kopya!

    Sorry ha, pero as a writer myself, it irks me to know that a writer gets rave reviews and recognition for works that aren't really her own.
  • Didn't know there was a plaigiarism issue with Cassie Clare. I thought she left ff.net because of the NC-17 riff.

    I didn't like din Barb's Psychic Serpent in the beginning (and I'm still iffy about it now kahit na medyo H/G na sha) pero I can't stop reading it for some reason :) I didn't like the way Harry was portrayed and Draco was a bit cliche in the beginning. Pero as the story progressed it began to redeem itself na rin (hehehe, dahil it shifted from H/H to H/G in a very nice no-drama way.. well maybe some drama)

    Somehow I like the SQ's fanfictions than in GT.net pero I started from there din. I never really liked the way they handled H/G. A bit too fluff though there were some that were good fluff.

  • grabe... nawala lang ako ng ilang araw... may mga bagong dating!!! hehehe...

    badasschick, you know what, that's one of the reasons why recently ko rin lang binasa si CCassie... i mean, paano ka nga mai-impress sa kanya ganun "hiram or nakaw" ang majority ng mga dialogues nya... bawas ganda points sa kin yun since i write my own stuff din at mahirap talagang umimbento ng mga witty remarks (lalo na sa D/G! hay naku...) pero dahil na rin sa sobrang recommendation ng mga F&I shippers... binasa ko sya and i do admit... talagang marunong syang magpaikot ng storya... i love her Draco actually coz i have admit... I HATE CANON!DRACO!!! he's boring, obnoxious and a prat!!! i guess that's why i like him in fanon, at least my sense ang pagkataon nya... and DT!Draco is indeed one of the best! though may moments na she's trying to be a Tolkien wannabe with all the narrative descriptions that's driving me crazy... pero i love her explanation kung bakit napunta talaga kay Ginny yung diary ni Tom... damn, i wish i'd thought of that one!!! *okay*

    hehehe... H/G ka talaga forever!?! how long have i've been convincing you to jump aboard my ship!?! hehehe... neways, if ever i have the guts to read D/Hr (archrival ng ship namin yun eh! hehehe... and i think the feeling is mutual, based on teh L&L ship!), i promise to read your fic!?! :wave:

    jinxed, you've read Rhysenn's works??? is she really that good... damn, kung kaya ko lang magbasa ng HP slash... i'll go read your fic na rin... :D

    fatologic_liar, hey there! maganda ba talaga ang fics ni Barb??? may nagrecommend rin nyan sa kin kaya lang, di ko sya nababasa!?! btw, The More Is My Unrest is the very 1st D/G fic i've read... and dahil sa kanya, na-convert ako! and you're right... pwede syang mangyari sa books kung gugustuhin ni JKR... damn, nangangarap pa rin kami ng gising! hehehe... and to think i used to be such a HUGE H/G shipper... hehehe... welcome pala sa PEx... and i think i saw you na rin sa FAP... sa Orange Crush ka ba tambay??? :)
  • VioletJersey Thanks for the welcome :) Grabe, I'm like just one year old pa lang in terms of fannery age (I finished GoF mga April last year) and I think I've not found that many nice HP forums. Parang everyone's too preoccupied with shippery and reading between the lines according to their preferences, they tend to forget how to be nice to the newbies. I don't really hang out that much na sa FAP though I still wuv the Orange Crush mod to bits, mas frequent na ang lurkage ko sa SQ forums.

    Anyway, as for Barb's Psychic Serpent, got a bit whacked on how the story evolved kse it was one of the first HP fics I read. And its not to be offered to any HP fanfic newbie ;) I liken it to something like a car accident sa freeway, its gruesome pero you can't stop looking :D Its the ultimate shipper fic, kasi everyone gets paired with everyone else. H/H, R/Hr, H/G, D/G and other permutations. Kaya sha siguro popular. And what I like about it, may schedule sha talagang sinusunod, she updates like every two weeks, on the dot yun (save for a few instances, pero a day's worth lang naman ang delay).

    H/G ka before? What made you jump? Sa sobrang shock ko sa fic ni Barb, ang tagal bago ako naka-recover with my Hermione hatred. I mean, I never really liked her in the first place sa books pero that fic certainly didn't gain her any brownie points sa kin :rolleyes:

    Actually ngayon, kalalabas ko lang sa Hermione Likability Rehabilitation Center, salamat kay Ciircee :)

    I just found out Sanction, writer of The Phoenix and the Serpent, is a Filipino din. I am such a big fan of that fic, so kung sino man sha sa inyo dito, get ready to be squeee-d to death :D
  • gasolinegasoline PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    FA lurker din ako :)

    D/G shipper din..
  • Come to think of it, malabo nga ang story ng Draco Trilogy ni Cassie. Haba kasi ng chapters e. Di ko na maintindihan minsan. Gusto ko lang yata siya dahil ang galing ng mga hirit ni Draco e. Natatawa ako. :D Story-wise, well...

    badasschick Talaga?! Grabe di ko alam yun a... bumaba si Cassie Claire sa paningin ko. :bah:

    La ako mapartner kay Harry. Parang di ko siya ma-imagine na may kapartner e. Hmmmm... *is not an H/G or an H/H or an H/D(?!) or an H/R(?!?!)or an H/whoever shipper. I guess the closest I can associate with him is Cho. I like Cho. :D*

    VioletJersey It might mean something... [hmmm...] Thanks for the info!

    fatologic_liar Welcome!!! Thanks for the recommendation of your fics. Babasahin ko nga rin yun minsan... pag sinipag ulit ako magbasa ng fics of other ships [I once experimented on that. Grabeh. Parang joke. Ron/Draco, Sirius/Remus, James/Hermione, Cho/Hermione... the possibilities are endless!!! Ineexpect ko nga my Hagrid/Hermione pa. Thank God wala.]

    jinxed Thanks for the link. I'll try to check it out soon.

    gasoline Hi! Welcome! Dami niyo nang D/G shipper dito a... badasschick! outnumbered tayo! Hehe. :D
  • gasolinegasoline PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    purple_mage .. hehe tnx! lemme guess... D/H shipper ka noh? :D
  • fatologic_liar, hehehe... what made me jump ship??? siguro dahil nga dyan sa fic ni Arabella... i kinda got curious over the whole "forbidden love" aspect of it all... i mean, there'ss the whole Malfoy-Weasley feud... then suddenly yung nag-iisang anak ni Malfoy tapos yung unica-hija ng mga Weasleys, nagkagustuhan!?! hehehe... the idea's both romantic (think Romeo & Juliet... pero we hate being compared to them na!?!), hilarious (can you imagine Draco going up against all the Weasley men!?! hehehe... laugh trip sigurado yun!?!)... and angsty (Good vs Evil)... that's why mahal na mahal ko ang ship na yan... plus redheads and blondes do look great together!?! :lovesigh:

    as for Hermione, k lang sya sa kin pero di ko sya fave... my all-time love is Ron amongst the boys (Fanon!Draco fan ako... unless JKR fixes him up sa canon! he's so 2-D sa books eh!) tapos si Ginny ang fave girl ko... most be the whole Harry crush thing (hehehe... napagdaanan ko kasi! LOL!)... kaya lang i've been reading tons of H/Hr lately kaya parang nagugustuhan ko na rin sila... pero i still think that Ron deserves her... palagi na lang si Harry ang panalo! damn, kung ako si Ron ay baka madagukan ko na sya talaga pag kinuha pa nya sa kin si Hermione! hehehe...

    hehehe... will promise to read Barb's fic... wait, yung The Phoenix and the Serpent D/G??? hehehe... babasahin ko rin sya! :D

    gasoline, nice to see you here!?! hehehe... any great D/G fics you can recommend??? wa na kasi akong mabasa eh! :wave:

    purple_mage, hehehe... tama ka dyan! ang kulit sobra ni Draco!!! basta ako, feel ko pa rin ang D/G ending... kasi kung di talaga... madaming kaming magagalit sa kanya!!! :lol:

    hehehe... pasensya na ha... ang dami ko kasing kino-convert din sa PEx... :wink:
  • VioletJersey The Phoenix and the Serpent is not D/G;) Sorry, naku baka mabasa mo, I hate it when people recommend fics na super hate ko yung ship tapos sasabihin H/G. Its a bit non-shippy pero may H/G as side garnish.

    Hindi ako gaanong oriented sa mga D/G fics. I read a few. Cute naman. I liked Jae's Of Inscrutable Conceit pero its short pa lang and hindi pa gaanong nakaka-take off. Lahat ng D/G possible fics that I liked, lagi si Harry ang wagi :D The best yung H/D/G love triangle ni Penpusher sa Trilogy nya.
    Draco was commissioned by Voldemort to "seduce" Ginny to get to Harry but the potion backfired and he's accursed to love her and hate her at the same time. Super bittersweet nung ending and I know it sounds cliche pero from what few D/G fics I've read di naman gaano.

    And yung Pendragon Trilogy ni Irina. I found her Draco so in-character.

    Sorry ha medyo nadala na naman ako sa fannish tendencies ko towards fanfiction :D Obvious ba how psyched I am waiting for Book 5 that I ended up having no life because I NEED to feed this hunger, feed on something :D
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