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1st Anime-Jmusic Radio Station in the Philippines

jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
1st Anime-Jmusic Radio Station in the Philippines

Anime Anime RAdio DWAD 1098 AM wave
every saturday 3pm-4pm
sometimes late at 3:30pm-4:30pm

there's an anime trivia and before the program signing off there's always
"anime song of the week."

you can send your request on [email protected]. all anime songs
requested will be played next saturday. as you send, list the title and the
name of the sender.

they are accepting sponsors for their show.
para mag tumagal yung airing ng show nila.
at para may funds for a FM station

Philippine Daily Inquirer
December 4, 2002 issue
P A9

* * *

ARE you an "anime otaku (fanatic)?" If you're the sort who dreams in Japanese-style animation, then you might want to tune in this Saturday, from 3-4 p.m. to dwAD 10.98 AM for an hour of "anime" music.

Called "Anime, Anime," (what else?) the show was conceptualized and is produced by Nicole Macaraig who is only 17 and a real anime enthusiast. It will feature mainstream anime music, J-pop (Japanese pop) and J-rock (Japanese rock), plus a couple of "really hard-to-find pieces." The producers of "Anime, Anime" would like to acknowledge the support of the UP Anime and Manga Enthusiasts in putting up the initial show. "We were hoping to dedicate the initial broadcast to JI Manzano, the AMA student who got stabbed in UP," says Nicole's mother Weng. She said they heard, but could not confirm, that JI had been the president of the Anime Club in the AMA Computer University and he had won in one of the cosplays (Anime Costume Contest) as Lupin. Weng adds that they look forward to "correcting some common misconceptions about anime and discussing the changing attitudes of women in Japanese society." So, may social relevance din pala!


  • ya
    ive listened to the radio last sat !
    and they played !
    larc en ciel !

    cant believe it its on PHIL RADIO !
  • Well, it was radio program, not station, but still good enough!

    Makes me wanna go to AM once again, I wish they'd extend the time.
  • I haven't heard this one...well, it may be a good idea so that anime fans out there can listen to not just anime music...some sort of j-music awareness thingy...
  • Originally posted by Bhaalspawn
    I haven't heard this one...well, it may be a good idea so that anime fans out there can listen to not just anime music...some sort of j-music awareness thingy...

    especially ur ever-faveorite "Do as Infinity"

    (for everybodyy's info: si Bhaal ay isa sa mga stalker ng lead singer ng "Do as Infinity"...)

    :rotflmao: just kidding rev!!!!
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    ay oo nga pala

    its a radio program pala

    di bale...maybe soon
    maging radio station na ito..pag may funds na

    kaya..mga guys...help natin sila mag grow para.lumaki yung station.....

    request na kayo !
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    Keep Anime, Anime alive!
    Want to keep hearing your favorite J-music played on the airwaves?
    Support Anime, Anime’s fund raising project!

    CD copies of our broadcasts have become collectors’ items.

    Anime, Anime will go down history as the FIRST J-music program in the Philippines.

    We will be releasing Limited Edition CDs of our first and second broadcasts.
    A serial number will be assigned to each CDs for authentication purposes.
    These CDs will be available soon. Start placing your orders now!

    Email us at [email protected]

    JOIN Friends of Anime, Anime1

    Get a chance to win prizes, invites to
    selected anime events and discounts
    from affiliated establishments.
    Registration is FREE!

    Registration forms will be available on Saturday,
    January 25th, starting 12 noon
    at the entrance of FEATA CAFÉ
    2nd flr, Makati Cinema Square,
    S-22 B Cinema Level
    Pasong Tamo Makati City.
    Or email us at [email protected]
  • this is really smthing to look into... :)
  • in checheck ko yan!;)
  • thnx for the info. i'll support by listening!
  • oh my god...j-rock being played there in the philippines! >_<
  • Is this station still available? I mean kasi nakapost dito is 2001 to 2002. since it's a decade already, baka hindi na ito online..
  • Oo nga no double check din ako sa post 2003 pa pala. May alternative nama makinig na lang kayo ng BloodType A sa Jam 88.3 every saturday 6-9 pm, may japanese songs pero mostly asian song and the rare K-rock.
  • MorriganAenslandMorriganAensland PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ..hanggang ngayon ba eh on-air parin ito?

  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    dead na, pati radio show ni Angel Rivero Brewrats kasama si Alodia Gosiengfiao at yung isa na may dalang Anime/J-Pop MP3 collection sa kanyang External HDD niya hindi ko alam ang name niya, sayang nawala na sa ere at naging Radyo5 92.3 NewsFM, wala nang Anime Radio Show sa Pinas, baka hanggang dito sa Airwaves, kontrolado nang OMB/PARI/etc. ang Radio Stations.
  • MorriganAenslandMorriganAensland PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^..ay sayang naman..dun lang ako nalungkot..tsk tsk tsk.

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