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GODZILLA fans, show yourselves!

*prepare yourself for a brain-twisting discussion*

Kung established na sa HEISEI continuity na namatay talaga si Godzilla nung 1954 because of that Oxygen Destroyer thing, that means dalawa talaga ang naging godzilla.

Godzilla's (the HEISEI version) origin was explained in Godzilla versus King Ghidora movie (shown in the early 90s).
Bale may mga time travelers na balak i-alter yung past by moving away the Gozillasaurus from LAGOS island. The dinosaur was moved during 1944 by these time travelers and transported it to the Bering Sea yata.
During the late 70s, a Russian nuclear submarine sank in the same location where the Godzillasaurus was transported and it caused it to become Godzilla. Eto yung Godzilla that attacked Japan in 1984 and 1989.

Later, Japan would send their own nuclear submarine in search for this Godzilla, but it was attacked. This caused Godzilla to become the biggest Godzilla incarnation ever. eto na yung Godzilla na kumalaban kay King Ghidora at eto rin yung Godzilla na nasa Godzilla versus Destroyer Movie (1995).

If all these assumptions are correct:
1. Saan nanggaling yung Godzilla na sumalakay nung 1954?
2. Sino yung Godzilla na lumabas sa Showa era kung namatay na yung Godzilla ng 1954 and the Heisei Godzilla would only be created in the late 70s by the sinking of the Russian sub?


  • ei ei! Ya got another GOJIRA fan right here!! I just hope this thread will last for a while...I don't see a lot of KAIJU fans in here

    from what I know...
    there are 3 major continuities of GODZILLA...

    one is the SHOWA continuity 1954-1975
    This is where it all started!!!
    From the 1954 debut then continues with all the classical big monster rumble movies 'til the 70's. The big G is pitted with the first incarnations of Mothra, King Ghidorah and Mecha Godzilla...and a bunch of oddball looking giants like Gigan and Megalon.

    HESEI continuity 1984- 1995
    Things get more scifi... and rewrites what we knew about the past continuity.

    -GODZILLA 1984
    -GODZILLA x MOTHRA (introduces a new mothra storyline... and a new foe...BATRA)
    -GODZILLA x MECHA GODZILLA - introduces a baby godzillasaurus (not godzilla's son) found in a remote island inhabited by RADON (Rodan in the US)
    -GODZILLA x SPACE GODZILLA -Godzilla transforms into "burning form" in the last part.
    -GODZILLA x DESTROYER - baby godzilla is all grown up... and known as "Junior" aids the "burning"GODZILLA (in the verge of nuclear meltdown) against the DESTROYER.... it makes references from the 1954 episode about the oxygen destroyer which defeated the BIG G decades ago...
    the Hesei continuity ends here as Godzilla dies from nuclear meltdown and transfers his powers to revive junior...

    MIREN/MILLENIUM continuity
    -GODZILLA 2000
    a fresh new start as TOHO revives the G series after the TRI STAR Iguanozilla stint... Big G battles ORGA a monster who tried to copy Godzilla's ORGANIZER -G1 cells.
    Not part of the MIREN continuity as a more reptillan Godzilla design... (more looking like a dinosaur than an iguanodon mind you.) battles the 3 monster/ protectors of Nihon namely Angirus, Mothra and Ghiddorah
    Makes reference to the 1954 episode in which Godzilla 1954 really died from the oxygen destroyer... the Japanese goverment uses the 1954 DNA to create a bio mechanoid to battle the MIREN GODZILLA

    hah... ang dami... ata
    pero to answer your question... wag masyadong pagduduktungin mga epidodes talaga... even if they make references to past movies...you still have to regard them as stand alones

    toho also released 3 MOTHRA movies while the HESEI endede... MOTHRA 3 introduced a differend King Ghidorah storyline much different from what was told in the HESEI or SHOWA.
  • What do you mean huwag pagdugtungin?

    Funny. Di ko pa nga alam kung alin yung magkakadugtong.

    Showa, Heisei, ****. Ang dami.

    Anyway, I got myself a good Godzilla toy (more likely bootleg) sa Robinson's Galleria. It's 12 inches in height and only cost me 300 pesos.

    At least this one's a better deal than the insanely overpriced one from Comic Alley.

    Eto sya:
  • Oo nga pala, before I forgot:

    Anong mga movies (in DVD or VCD format) about Godzilla ang officially binebenta dito sa Pinas?
  • so far kung VCD ... all I see is the GODZILLA 2000 VCD... DONT GET THAT OTHER BOOTLEG GODZILLA 2001!!! IT'S NOT GODZILLA!!! It's a really bad korean monster movie called YOUNGARY aka REPTILLIAN...

    About dun sa Comic Alley toy... ang mahal nga... pero ang ganda!!! HESEI GOJIRA... I want to get 2 figures... ill spraypaint the other one into "BURNING GODZILLA /DESU GOJI" mode

    Here's the latest MIREN Godzilla figure from the movie, GodzillaXMecha Godzilla...




    oh yeah...there are rumors that Toho and Daiei are planning to make a Godzilla vs Gamera movie... :D
  • Where did you get your Godzilla 2000 VCD?

    Ang alam ko kasi, Godzilla 1998 (Hollywood movie) and Reptilian (Godzilla knock-off movie) lang ang binebenta sa Astrovision and Video City.

    Magkano ba yung sa Comic Alley na Heisei Godzilla?

    Last time I checked, 3000 pesos yata. Wala na nga sa mint condition, di pa nila nilalagay sa magandang box or something.

    Ang masama pa, nakadisplay lang sa labas. Kahit sino nakakahawak.
  • dati the VCD is all around the place... nung pinalabas sa States yung Godzilla 2000.

    Comic Alley Godzilla- mahal parin...overpriced!!! get it somewhere nalang...uhm...from Hong Kong??

    oh yeah check the latest Godzilla Toys in this site>>
    chibi goji toys
  • oh yeah...there are rumors that Toho and Daiei are planning to make a Godzilla vs Gamera movie...

    Which makes me wonder...........bakit sumikat si Gamera? :confused:
  • Hey Guile... revive ko lang tong thread...

    Gamera's been around for a while na rin...

    They changed the Gamera concept in the 90s trilogy
    it's a lot darker. The effects are pretty good specially in GAMERA 3 - THE REVENGE OF IRIS (1999) ...too good it's even better than Godzilla... (yikes)



    here are some shots from Gamera3:
  • I just saw the GODZILLA X MEGAGUIRES movie last week... naka heram ako ng DVD...

    This movie doesn't connect pala with the G2K movie... iba iba pala stories sa Mire (2000) Series.

    ASTIG!!! Even a black hole can't hold the Big G!!!

    Can't wait for the Godzilla X Gamera to come out...

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