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Korean food [Merged]

Oy masarap rin ang pagkain ng Koreano. Personally, I like korean food in Korea Garden sa Makati and Korean palace sa Ermita ata. Bulgoki and Kalbichim ..aaaaahh... saraapp!!


  • My whole family is into Korean food. We love the food at Kaya. Its on Jupiter St. but they have a smaller version, Kaya Express sa Glorietta. I heard its the most authentic. Try the "hamburger" (i cant remember what it's called, but its a dish w/ beef and fish patties), dak bulgogi, and beef stew. They have excellent service too, all at a reasonable price.
  • Kimchi lang.
  • i love korean food. especially the different kinds of kimchi, korean barbeque, kuppa (like lugaw drowned in red pepper with thick beef cuts, vegetables, and eggs thrown in).

    tsalap! yummy.gif
  • I always go to Kimchi when it comes to Korean cuisine! :)
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I love the different kimchis. I eat them as is. There are even times that I'm craving for kimchi so much that I don't eat a meal without a plate of kimchi beside me. Good Korean restaurants are the ones in Ermita, Korean Palace being one of them--bulgogi heaven!

    Is Arirang still around? I didn't like this place too much, too overpriced for what basically average Korean food.

  • sharaaaap niyan! bulgogi, kimchi, etc. there's kaya (?) express for the mall-goers for a quick taste of korean food. kimchi rest. is still around. meron din sa ermita, but i can't remember the name.
  • i frequent Korean Village in Ermita alot :)
  • I like Korean food too. :)

    I think I first truly appreciated Korean food when I followed my crush (way back in freshman college) to Yorisa Koriyana (tama ba spelling? nag-close na kasi to eh) in Katipunan and ordered bulgogi and kalbichim. I guess I associate the food's yumminess to my crush back then. blush.gif I've enjoyed Korean food since.

    Q: Does Koryo House serve good Korean food?
  • Kimchi's fine.
    Yet to try Kaya Express. Is their bigger branch the one in Jupiter?
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by Calypso:
    Q: Does Koryo House serve good Korean food?

    Yes. Never tried that place, though.

    By the way, happy birthday!
  • masarap sa KORYO house sa megamall. Im not sure if its still under renovation. Pero super sarap... a former boss who's Korean introduced that place to me. Sarap! yummy.gif
  • I agree with u that Korean Palace is the BOMB! But there is a kewl place at BF Homes and they have dope stuff too.Appetizers pa lang u're so busog na.Cheap pa the price! Chech it out!
  • Korean Palace Restaurant II in Ermita *okay*

    They have this dish that consists of sauteed meat & fresh lettuce [I forgot what it's called.] --- it's my favorite... especially when it's served with hot steamed white rice. Yummy! :yum:
  • Bring on the kimchi! :drool:
  • Originally posted by solace
    Bring on the kimchi! :drool:
    My mom loves kimchi & I DON'T, but I'd like to learn... what's the best way to appreciate this famous Korean appetizer?
  • Originally posted by egg

    My mom loves kimchi & I DON'T, but I'd like to learn... what's the best way to appreciate this famous Korean appetizer?

    Hmm.... Pinapapak ko kasi, eh. That's the best way to appreciate it. :D My favorite kimchi is the one at, well, Kimchi. :lol:
  • arirang in old pasadena is one of the most sophisticated korean resto in so cal.

    dong ll jang located in koreatown in los angeles (at the corner of hobart and 8th st.) serves the best bulgogi. i never fail to order tandoori shrimp when i go there. people who love vegetables like myself indulge in salad and toenjang chigae (hope i spelled it right). the korean style tempura is pretty good too.

    both restos have grills in the middle of the table so you cook the meat you order yourself. the downside is that you smell like meat marinade after.

    for a person like me who hardly eats red meat, dong ll jang is really good.
  • kimchi -- pampagising pag kailangang magpuyat
    korean barbq

    there's this korean resto sa city namin where they serve cobra soup, as in made from real cobra... hindi ko pa na-try

    sarap talaga korean food, pati korean shows galing, dami ko rin crushes na korean actors -- jang dong-gun, an jae-wook and lee sae-chang -- > all are good enough to eat!
  • I love anything spicy! When I want to eat Korean food, I go to Kaya in Jupiter, Kaya Express in Glorietta or Silla along Timog Ave. Dont know if theyre still open though. I always have the Chap Jae, noodles with vegetables and the "potato pancakes" at Kaya. Yummy!
  • KIMCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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