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How Do U Feel About Eating Alone In Public?

I know some people who get the chills when I ask them this question, as if to say they'd rather starve than eat a meal alone.

I've done it several times myself and to be honest, the first time it happened I got a bit lonely....walang kausap. But the 2nd, 3rd, 4th........time it happened I started realizing ok lang pala kasi you have time to think of so many things and you have the time to watch other people. One of the things I found out while "people-watching" was that you're not the only one eating alone......there are so many of you and after a while you don't feel so bad anymore, kasi maraming kang kasama. :)

What about YOU?


  • i don't mind eating alone, really...i used to do this a lot of times, especially when it's my breatime already and all my friends still have classes to attend to.. :D

    i'd bump into acquaintances then, and they'd go like "mag isa ka lang?", which showed their sympathy...and i'd go "oo naman, bat naman hinde?" :rolleyes: and give them a smile that says "it's ok, i'm fine, and i will be...i am NOT pathetic.." hehehehe :p

    although it's more fun eating out with friends or your other half...but still, i don't mind...at all!! smokin.gif
  • Me, i rather starve than to eat a meal alone especially in a restaurant or fastfoods na as in super dami ng taong kumakain! :(

    Pero i tried it once, but i kept myself busy, by writting a card for my friends. ;)
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    I do it lots of times when I'm busy. One can finish the meal quickly because there is no conversation.

    I'm not a loner, though. Meals with friends are always more pleasant.
  • I hate it! It makes me feel akward and self-conscious! I'd rather take-out food and eat at the dorm or in school, or wait it out until I get home.
  • i don't mind. i've done it lots of times. there r really moments when i prefer to be alone in eating. that doesn't make me a loner.
  • i guess ok lang. depends on d place. shempre pag fine dining mukha ka naman kawawa pag mag-isa ka lang. i eat alone when i'm in a hurry, or have coffee/tea alone when waiting for friends or something. like kuya danny said, meals w/ friends r always more pleasant. :)
  • couldn't have said it any better...
    i'd rather starve to death than eat alone in public.
    i admire u peeps who could do that grabe taas kamay!
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I do it often. Sometimes I like being alone, or I have to finish something, and I don't want to have to deal with small talk, so I have lunch or coffee somewhere alone. I don't really give it any second thought--the people around me are usually strangers, so why should I care what they think about me? :)
  • nakakahiya


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  • i like doing this a lot especially since most of my friends here in NYC have different schedules. I like it when i can go where ever i want, do whatever i want and with it, eat whatever i want. Like my roommate, she does not eat fish nor other parts of a chicken ecxept the breast and my other friend does not eat garlic!! hello! ang hirap kaya non! I eat anything so a happy-happy-joy-joy situation for me is to get good food @ a reasonable price :p BUT of course, it is a joy to have a bunch friends go foodtripping.
  • I do eat alone in public sometimes, lalo na when I feel really hungry... It's quite lonely, but there are times that I do want it that way lalo na when I need to think about something and it helps na I would be alone at the moment...
  • I see nothing wrong with it. Of course, I'd rather have pleasant company but if I find myself in a situation where I have to eat by myself, I utilize my time by tuning out the public, chew fast and catch up on my reading.


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  • yeah, it's true that it's more fun to eat with friends....anytime! But for those who haven't tried eating alone, you should, para lang ma experience nyo, I don't know why but afterwards I always feel proud of myself, kasi nakayanan kong mag-isa...i don't know.....for me it's a good feeling...parang freedom from everything by doing anything and eating anything you want.....basta! :)

    steph: i know the feeling, para bang awang-awa sila sayo....parang feeling nila nawalan ka ng kaibigan

    kuya danny: totoo yan, sometimes when you're in a hurry at yung kasama mo medyo mga 50x nginunguya ang bawat subo bago lumunok....eh talagang nakaka-suya! :D

    rors: i agree :)

    keiwai: pareho tayo, i've never tried eating alone in a fine-dining type resto, but i have a friend who can do this, grabe bilib ako....at inggit din, coz I've never had the guts to do it :)

    Ira: that's the way to do it! wa dapat tayo care whoever is looking at us diba?

    After all's said and done, it is more fun to eat with friends but there are times when being alone isn't bad at all...... :D
  • medyo dyahe kasi b4, irregular student ako kaya wala akong kasama kumain...pero, deadma lang...eh sa nagugutom ang tao eh!! alangan namang nde ako kumain dba? there r some people who'd look at me na parang at the back of their minds nag-kwe-question? "bat kaya mag-isa yon"...eh kahit gusto kong sabihin, "paki nyo!!!", chacka naman dba??? hehehe!!!

    but of course, the feeling is pretty much different when i have friends together w/ me to eat w/...may kasama pa yong, chickahang walang katapusan :):):)
  • + i do sometimes. pero sometimes parang nakaka-conscious nga, pero i'd rather eat than starve myself to death dahil lang wala akong kasama.
  • bayblishuz: grabe bilib ako sa prend mo ha... i mean i can eat alone in fast foods & siguro little cafes... pero sa fine dining... uh.. medyo alanganin. d lang siguro sanay. oh well, saludo 'ko sa prend mo :)
  • KuyaDanny: Ikaw naman, o, eat ka daw many times alone when in a hurry pero sa office pantry nyo naman yon. I don't think that counts. That's not as "public" as the question intended. But I know KuyaDanny eats alone when circumstances call for it. :)

    I don't mind eating alone and I've done it many times, especially when I'm out shopping by myself here or abroad.

    I've also dined by myself in fine dining areas when I'm on business trips abroad. I guess abroad where it is not such big deal for people to be dining by themselves, there's nothing to be conscious about unlike here in Manila where eating is considered a social activity instead of merely a biological requirement.

    Depending on your mood and circumstances (as in when you're in a hurry), eating alone is all right but it takes some getting used to initially. "Alone but not lonely." ;)

    To those who feel uncomfortable to eat alone even in fastfood outlets and would rather starve to death, 'WAG naman. Tip: Grab something to eat on the go- eat as you walk along. Hindi obvious na dining alone ka, di ba?! ;)

  • i love doing this especially early in the morning.Having breakfast all by myself in a quaint resto or a fastfood chain is simply bliss for me,i get to read a book,do crossword and read the newspaper without any disruptions.i dont even have to worry about being hurried up in finishing my meal. :)
  • keiwai: onga, up to now di ko pa nagagawa yon, saludo din ako! at nag fu-full course meal pa sya kamo!!....from soup to dessert and coffee!!!........

    ate ronee: alam mo i noticed that also, how come when we're in other countries parang mas natural yung eating alone, dito parang may stigma? It must be the cultural differences, sa ibang countries people mind their own business....dito sa atin...maka kita la ng iba gina-gawan na ng kwento! lol.gif To be honest, I too am guilty of this blush.gifblush.gifblush.gif

  • i'd do it once in awhile pag walang choice but sometime during my meal i'd feel like bigla ako nahihiya ? i dunno, kinda weird feeling i guess..
    But i can go to starbucks have coffee alone with my books, or drive thru mcdo, or i can have a beer anywhere while waiting for a/my friend/s kung sakali manguna ako. :)
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