I need advice doc help! =(

My girlfriend is pregnant and she haven't told her parents yet. But the thing is she just had her yearly medical check up together with her parents and she also have an x ray done. I've told her many times that it's not healthy to the baby. But she's to afraid to tell her parents about her condition. I've checked the net and "knock on wood" there may be reduced growth, retardation, and other mind bogling effect of x ray on unborn childs which i'm so worried about. I just wanna ask po if what are the chances of these on my baby, I mean the usual standard operating procedure on x rays and the doses of radiation that is given on my baby.:( My gf is 2.5 mos on the way and i hope and pray that nothing would happen to my child.:( Thanks you in advance and more power!


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    It depends on what kind of xray machine was used and what type of xray was done. Since your partner had an annual physical, I'd assume that it was either a chest x-ray or an abdominal x-ray. Chest x-ray would contain less than 80 mRad, while abdominal x-ray would contain about 280 mRad. This is a very small amount of radiation exposure. During the normal course of pregnancy, every fetus is exposed to about 100 mRads of natural radiation from the environment. Only fetal exposure of over 10 Rads (1 rad=1,000 mRads) increases the risks for problems, so don't worry too much. It's rare for a diagnostic X-ray to exceed 5 rads, and your baby's exposure is most likely well within the safe range. Of course, although the risk is very low, tell your partner not to take too many chances next time.

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