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Mfff-philippines Box Office Results!



  • LibraStar_19LibraStar_19 Member PExer
    Originally posted by pHaTaSS
    Sorry for posting a bit late on this topic, but I cannot help but feel the outrage of having all the people here in this thread rave about how mano po is better than dekada! dekada is a much more challenging, socially- relevant, historical film and a whole lot more positive adjectives better than mano po!
    In terms of acting, vilma can easily have done ara’s role in mano po, but I do not think ara can do justice amanda’s character unlike what vilma has done. Granted, ara exceeded our expectations of her as an actress, this should not be the basis on who is the better actress! C’mon! lets please look at it objectively. Quality wise, vilma has done a lot more than ara. Vilma played a very challenging role of amanda in dekada which is more than I can say for ara. For the men, I cannot believe that eddie garcia playing only the role of the lolo can beat christopher de leon, who played the male chauvinist part so perfectly that while I was watchin dekada, naiinis talaga ako sa kanya at the same time naawa kay amanda. I don’t think eddie garcia, playing his character, can bring out emotinos and convictions from the audience.
    In terms of acting, mano po came off as very superficial and lacking in continuity. How else would you describe the seemingly overnight realization of ara to show her patriotism from her former disposition as being simply a rebel? Next, the scene where maxine ran away from cogie’s parents just because she refused to drink a concoction of soup that the mom made? Hello?! Reason na ba yun para maglayas? Duh! Ang babaw talaga! Nakakainis! Thirdly, the voice over of richard gomez at the end of the movie, when he was saying something about how we should all unite and cooperate with one another…hello? It really seemed too much for me! It came off as trying hard to be a socially relevant story! Another thing I want to criticize is the part where maricel suddenly mellowed on ara after she was kidnapped. They should have developed this more! Parang tuloy ang bilis bilis ng realization niya, parang pinilit nalang nila bigla. Which doesn’t help in developing a good story. (at least kay vilma, we can really see how the change in her character was made) I have a lot more reasons to dislike mano po but what I have posted shall suffice for now.
    How can anyone say that dekada didn’t have an audience impact? For one, I was genuinely entertained with the quips of danilo barrios. On the other hand, mano po also made me laugh…with their seemingly fake accents they dubbed over (it sounded as if there were two voices because of the difference in quality.) and as I have mentioned, the trying hard, and pilit parts of the story.
    The reason why mano po did more than dekada was precisely because of the awards they had received (undeserved, in my opinion). I agree with babyboy on that point. Mano po succeeded in fooling people that it was a quality film. If you really want to watch a quality film, I recommend dekada. It’s an inspiring film teaching you the importance of the family, a historical movie, shedding light to the experiences of people during martial law, and overall, I believe it to be the best filipino film I have watched so far.

    SHUT UP, you and Babyboy!!!!

    The public has spoken and the box office figures have proven which is the better film...

  • MEMMEM Banned by Admin PExer
    Originally posted by LibraStar_19

    SHUT UP, you and Babyboy!!!!

    The public has spoken and the box office figures have proven which is the better film...

    Duh? Kung Dec 25 yung showing ng Lastikman edi hamak na BOX OFFICE CHAMP yun! Siguradong masisipa ni Lastikman yung pwet ng mga taga Mano Po!

    Lastikman - 59 Million in 10 days!
    Mano Po - 67 Million in 17 days:rolleyes:

    Give Lastikman 1 or 2 more weeks and malalampasan na niya yung Mano Pwet.
  • babyboybabyboy Member PExer
    Originally posted by LibraStar_19

    SHUT UP, you and Babyboy!!!!

    The public has spoken and the box office figures have proven which is the better film...


    who are you to say SHUT up to me? did I say something bad? Who cares which film made more money, Mother Lily and Star Cinema? I am just saying what i felt so you better watch out for your words...My only concern is PIOLO getting the award, unquestionably!
  • vidavida Member PExer
    originally posted by kuchiwara
    agreed. Mano Po provides real entertainment that's why up to now the movie is still making havoc at the tills. i went around w/ my family and we noticed that Filipino moviegoers prefer this movie than Dekada 70.

    it has nothing to do with the awards like what the reporters or movie critics were trying to imply. the movie is destined to be the box-office drawer simply because of its new theme, impressive line-up of actors and actresses and thru word of mouth. siguro naman kung pangit ito, after na lumabas ang negative reviews ng mga movie critics eh di sana nabawasan na rin ang viewers. but what happened is the reverse. up to now, may mga nakapila pa rin kahit may LOTR: TTT na.

    you really can't argue with success. and please lang yung mga "credit grabber" na artista and movie reporters. i don't think people would support Mano Po simply because you won the awards. you should also consider the "established fans" of the other star in the movie. ang kapal ha!

    Let's give credit where credit is due.

    :cheers: :dazzler:
  • CougarCougar Banned by Admin PExer
    Originally posted by LibraStar_19

    SHUT UP, you and Babyboy!!!!

    The public has spoken and the box office figures have proven which is the better film...

    another idiotic post from a brainless mano po fan. box office results have NEVER been the criteria for saying a certain film is better than another film . Scooby Doo earned a lot more than Far from Heaven, but which movie do you think is better?! (but considering how mindless you are, i shouldn't be surprised if you think it's the former)
  • fcuevas_1006fcuevas_1006 Member PExer
    :down: dami talagang sore losers.

    di nila matanggap na award winning na at topgrosser pa ang MANO PO.

    pero kung yung manok nila ang maging topgrosser, sus kayayabang.

    Di po magkaaway ang LASTIKMAN at MANO PO. for your information, very supportive ang EAT BULAGA sa MANO PO.

    ang maiinis kayo,yung DEKADA 70, 17 days sa filmfest,tinalo pa ng SPIRIT WARRIORS sa gross within 10 days lang ang showing. :toofunny:
  • onwilsonwils Critical Man PExer
    Most Filipino movies are still ****. The recent MMFF entries are no exception.:p
  • deegee81deegee81 Member ✭✭✭
    The search for outstanding films and performances
    Gigi Alfonso-Javier

    Tuesday, 01 14, 2003

    Many award-giving bodies are out to deliberate on their top films of 2002 and the best performances of film artists. Film columnists bring out their fearless forecasts or their personal choices.

    I'm enthused to share with you my short list.

    Mano Po, a film directed by Joel Lamangan, is a story about the lives of members of a Chinese-Filipino family that braves the challenges of being in a situation with cultural conflicts. It is a candid film that talks about the prejudices of both Chinese and Filipinos affecting the lives of third generation Chinoys who have been born and raised in the Philippines.

    Mga Munting Tinig is a montage of stories of teaching and learning directed by Gil Portes. It focuses on the options open to our educators. The main story tells of a teacher who chooses to stay in a remote village instead of leaving for the United States. This teacher touches the lives of her students who live in extraordinary poverty. She encourages her students to join a singing contest and this changed their ways of viewing life.

    American Adobo is directed by Laurice Guillen and written by Ting Nebrida. This film focuses on the lives Filipinos who have made New York their home but who've never shed their Filipino sensibilities. Their problems, sorrows and laughter in this film provide a venue for a continuing discourse of the OFWs.

    Dekada '70 is written by Lualhati Bautista and directed by Chito Ro?o. It is a feminist film that tells the story of a woman's political transformation. It shows how the political environment affects the everyday life of the Filipino most specially in a restrictive authoritarian form of government. It shows the insensitivity of chauvinistic elements in our society.

    Laman, directed by Maryo de los Reyes, tells of a couple from the province looking for a brighter and more fruitful life in the city. The hopeful couple face the challenges of the inhospitable city with its share of not too well meaning individuals.

    Magkapatid is a drama about two sisters directed by Joel Lamangan. It is a story about not being able to accept losing a child. Relationships get affected when unhappiness and bitterness sets in, as in this film that of the love between two sisters, which seems not strong enough to withstand the gnawing heart of a grieving mother.

    Diskarte is by director Augusto Salvador. This is set in the dark scenario of drug distribution. It treated the action genre with more complexity. And with the inclusion of characters that do not stereotype heroes and anti-heroes.

    Masikip Mainit Paraisong Parisukat is directed by Jose Javier Reyes. This is a story of the lives salesgirls in the city. The life of the ordinary individual is full of struggles in the cramped and dirty urban setting.

    Jologs, directed by Gilbert Perez, talks about the young people in the urban setting ? with many things happening at the same time and the many ways with which the young cope with the disjointed realities.

    Prosti, directed by Erik Matti, has brilliant moments in cinematography that attempt to capture the dark and almost musty lives of prostitutes in a brothel. This film tries to capture the desperate moves of people that do not seem to be able to move away from the cycle of poverty.

    Let me now give you a short list of actors and their performances that have made their mark in the year 2002.

    Vilma Santos as a mother during an authoritarian regime in Dekada '70, Maricel Soriano. Ara Mina, Kris Aquino and Amy Austria as Chinoys in Mano Po. Sharon Cuneta and Judy Ann Santos as sisters in crisis in Magkapatid. Cherry Pie Picache as the pivotal friend of everybody in American Adobo and as a supervisor in Paraisong Parisukat. Alessandra de Rossi as the teacher who pushes the young to have their voices heard in Mga Munting Tinig, Yul Servo as the provinciano in Laman, Eddie Garcia as the Chinese patriarch in Mano Po, Ricky Davao as the homosexual who comes out in American Adobo, Rudy Fernandez as the aggressive hunter of drug kingpins in Diskarte, Piolo Pascual as the activist son in Dekada '70, Richard Gomez as the man looking for his lady love in Ikaw Lamang Hanggang Ngayon, Jay Manalo in Mano Po as the boyfriend of a strong woman and in Prosti as the right hand man of a brothel madam. Vhong Navarro in Jologs.

    Let us see if our favorites can make it to the final list of winners in the many award-giving bodies.
  • fcuevas_1006fcuevas_1006 Member PExer
    2002 MMFF: Most successful
    in box office returns
    Posted: 11:19 PM (Manila Time) | Jan. 14, 2003
    By Marinel R. Cruz
    Inquirer News Service

    THE RECENT Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines (MMFFP) was by far the most successful in terms of box office results in its 28-year history. The 14-day filmfest earned a total of 314,732,112.68 pesos.

    Caloocan City Mayor Rey Malonzo, who is also the festival executive committee chair, announced Monday the ranking of the nine official movie entries, which were shown from Dec. 25 to Jan. 10.

    Two entries, however-OctoArts Films' "Lastikman" and MaQ Productions' "Spirit Warriors"-started their regular theater run on Jan. 1.

    Regal Films' cross-cultural drama "Mano Po," topped the filmfest money-makers list, with a whopping box-office take of 67,220,645.40 pesos.

    The film was a poor fourth placer when the festival opened on Christmas Day, but rose to the top after winning the most number of awards including best picture during the "Gabi ng Parangal" last Dec. 27.

    OctoArts Films' "Lastikman" surpassed all expectations by finishing at the No. 2 spot, even when it only opened on Jan. 1. The movie flick starring Vic Sotto earned a total of 59,107,245.90 pesos with only 10 days of screening.

    While there was talk that the Vic Sotto starrer benefited most from the controversies that hounded the film festival, movie analysts believed that "Lastikman" owes its success to publicity trailers that thrilled the audience of GMA 7's long-running noontime show "Eat Bulaga," co-hosted by Sotto.

    Imus Productions' fantasy-adventure, "Agimat ni Lolo," was the festival's initial top grosser but ended up as the third placer with 46,528,274.28 pesos.

    The movie boasts of a Dolby Digital 5.1 recording and is reminiscent of the astonishing special effects seen in Hollywood fantasy movies like "The Mummy," "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter."

    MaQ Productions' "Spirit Warriors: The Short Cut," which was also shown seven days after the festival began, is the second most successful movie in terms of box-office ranking. Aside from bagging the third best picture award, the movie earned 39,941,856.68 pesos at the tills.

    The sequel of "Spirit Warriors," shown during the 2000 Metro Manila Film Festival, only had the Streetboys to draw in the crowd.

    "Spirit Warriors" was the top filmfest moneymaker two years ago.

    The combined efforts of Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos and drama king Christopher de Leon failed to lift "Dekada '70" from its initial No. 5 standing on the box-office list.

    The Chito Ro?o period drama, did not move from the fifth place since the start of the festival, despite heavy promo blitz provided by producer Star Cinema and its sister company ABS-CBN.

    "Dekada '70" earned only a total of 37,945,673.25 pesos.

    "Home Alone da Riber," a film spawned by the long-running ABS-CBN sitcom of comedy king Dolphy, "Home Along da Riles," came in sixth at 28,143,340.90 pesos. The movie ranked fourth when it opened last Dec. 25.

    FPJ Production's "Alamat ng Lawin" fell five steps down from the No. 2 spot. Despite the crowd-drawing power of action king Fernando Poe Jr., the movie was at the No. 7 spot and earned a disappointing 20,453,252.95 pesos.

    The PG-13 rating of Reflection Films' "Hula Mo Huli Ko" kept children 13 years old and below from appreciating the movie. The Rudy Fernandez flick landed on the eighth spot with earnings of 10,334,808.45 pesos.

    Calauan Cine Works' "Lapu Lapu," which was criticized for its poor presentation of the life of the Cebuano hero (portrayed by Lito Lapid), came in last with 5,686,715.90 pesos from the box office.

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