Depressing shows.....

Good day people!!!

I don't know if there is another thread similar to this one or if there was, because I'm a newbie and all.

I just like to ask if anyone can recommend a real depressing anime movie, series and the like that makes you ponder on life's tragedies and such.

I've already seen Perfect Blue, Kite and Grave of the Fireflies and those movies were really disturbing and depressing at the same time.

Please do help me... I really need to watch something unconventional for a change.



  • BravoexoBravoexo Member PExer
    Watch Kanon... until episode 12 only.... well, ok 13th until the last 10 minutes of the show. ^_^;

    You can also try Saikano.

    You can try Raxephon until the last 5 minutes of the show too.

    Or Evangelion, the two movies only.
  • badoochibadoochi schadenfreude PExer
    Every episode of Saikano is depressing. I also would like to suggest X TV.
  • The last movie of Eva was disturbing, especially with Asuka saying, "I feel sick," at the end of it...

    Is Saikano the one that has Chise, Shuji, and a war? I've read a review and it says that it is a sad series. Just as sad as Now and then, here and there?:(
  • Peaches15Peaches15 coquette PExer
    now and then here and there....

    somewhat depressing series
  • Silver_007Silver_007 Member PExer
    Mamorou Nagano's Jinroh...
  • Silver_007Silver_007 Member PExer
    oops... I meant to say Mamorou Oshii.... sorry.
  • Ummm.. what's Mamorou Oshii about?
  • Silver_007Silver_007 Member PExer
    Mamorou Oshii directed Jinroh: The Wolf Brigade

    (Other works include Ghost In The Shell the Movie, Spriggan, etc.)
  • BakafoolBakafool Member PExer
    Grave of the Fireflies . 'Nuff said.
  • Oh, Mamorou Oshii is a director... thanks!
  • Oh, Mamorou Oshii is a director... thanks!
  • neuezielneueziel Zion Rhino PExer
    war in the pocket: a 6 episode ova.

    yup.... Jinroh , hehe red riding hood storyline... :lol:
  • tEaMooNtEaMooN Pjamhead PExer

    Grave of the Fireflies

    depressing and disturbing

    Perfect Blue

    another one is Akira
  • lastboyscoutlastboyscout Member PExer
    yes akira is quite depressing

    heck all those end-of-the-neo-tokyo movies are depressing:(
  • necr0necr0 pancit-eating..... PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    1. saikano
    2. Grave of the Fireflies
    3. Seisouhen at yng first OVA ng Kenshin

    OT: may OVA ba ang Revolutionary Girl Utena? or movie lang?
  • akoayanimeakoayanime Guardian Force PExer
    umm.. saikano... chise!!.. XD
    err.. and kanon..

  • Impact_BlueImpact_Blue Sil-Eighty PExer
    yung mga bandang huling mga episode ng i, my, me strawberry eggs? :cry:
  • teppeiteppei AnimeReactor crew PExer
    -grave of fireflies [prolly the best anime that i don't intend to watch anymore coz of too much sadness in the story]
    -boys be... the mood alone [especially when the narrator[main character] is talking] is depressing, lots of figures of speech in his lines. plus the story itself... kinda...
    -saikano... just like somebody previously said, every episode is quite depressing
    -kimagure orange road's first movie... the original ending... [dang... it made me cry :`(( ]--- not for brokenhearted ppl
  • azrael07azrael07 Member PExer
    ei, cnong may episodes ng Kanon? mukhang maganda...
    anyway, iv got sources saying Kanon was a hentai game before...

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