Rockets Acquire James Posey in Three-Team Deal

9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
Teams involve: Rockets, Sixers, Nuggets

Rockets got:
James Posey

Sixers got:
Kenny Thomas

Nuggets got:
Mark Bryant
Art Long
future first-round draft pick from Philly
future second-round draft pick from Houston



  • team slickteam slick Ghost Barbarian ✭✭
    i think houston came out the winner of this three-way trade. Why? simply because they were able to free up playing time for their other power forwards like eddie griffin and maurice taylor and at the same time added another perimeter player with athleticism in the mold of james posey, if you guys havent notice, when cat mobley went, out the guard rotation of houston was thrown into confusion, because they only rotate 3 guards which are francis, mobley and norris. With the addition of james posey, it gives them the flexibility to add another to that guard rotation while on the same time allows posey to play some 3 spot. Also, add posey's tenacity on the defensive side and i would consider it to be a steal

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