hi, can someone recommend a good urologist??

my hubby and I would like to consult a urologist. My husband has diabetes since he's 19 yrs old, he's 25 right now and we recently got married. We feel that we need to have some consultations as to the chances of us having a baby. His semen secretion, i may say is already not normal. Sometimes even none.

Kindly recommend a good urologist for him.



  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's probably better to see his regular endocrinologist first before consulting a urologist. Bring this problem up to your hubby's physician, and maybe request for a semen analysis. If there is a problem, your husband's endocrinologist will be in the best position to refer you to a urologist or to a fertility specialist who he/she can work with hand-in-hand to help you and your husband. Good luck.
  • aya_smayleeaya_smaylee Member PExer
    the ironic thing is...yung mga semen analysis, lalo na concerning fertility and desire for pregnancy, would fall under the specialty of OB-GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.... pero first and foremost, i think you should have your hubby's diabetes reevaluated, para for any medications and diet modifications he would need to take and do.... then you can take it from there...
    may sobrang bait na diabetologist sa st. luke's...dr. fernando... then after having done that, he can maybe refer you to someone that can specifically help you out regarding your problem...
    good luck...

  • cakescakes Member PExer
    Thanks so much!

    We'll visit Dr. Fernando of St. Lukes soon :)

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