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Wat kind'a writing PEN..duyu USE?

:cool: some like the cheap one, throwaways, some like it expensive, color?, fine print? medium or regular?..tell us which one you like or who gave it to you?


  • trent_NINtrent_NIN downward spiral PExer

    Black DONG A U-Knock retractable gel pen .7
    FASTER Black and Blue
    MUJI Black, Red and Pink
  • meliemelie *yawn* PExer
    i like using blue c3 pilots. :)
  • kookookkookook is a nice kid PExer
    black Fasters
    black V5 or V7 Pilots (i like V7 better though... makes my handwriting more rounded :D )
  • puromatapuromata Member PExer
    :rolleyes: i like

    PENTECH "FIREWORKS" slides and glides when u write.
    PAPERMATE flexgrip-galing me rubber kasi!

    But i like this one given to me by my lovey-dovey, it is a
    VICTORIA SECRET best kaya lang ang bigat so pambahay lang siya..

    i layk fine print! parang malinis tignan..
  • c_almazanc_almazan Future Palanca Awardee PExer
    ako gmit ko ordinary lng tapos pag final na ni-rerewrite ko using G-tec 0.4 color black :D
  • dikyadikya nosce te ipsum PExer
    i use any pen. ...pero sa journal ko at pag sa mga drawings, i use micro pen. ...yung pinaka manipis.
  • illuminattyilluminatty spay/neuter ur pet PExer
    i love fountain pens.

    i use my inoxcrom fine (blue and black) fountain pen for writing letters and for my journals.

    i use parker medium fountain pen for signing documents.

    for taking notes, i use cross ballpens.

    i also have a lucky parker roller ball pen for taking exams.

    i LOVE pens! hey, thanks for starting this thread. cool! :D
  • dunnodunno Member PExer
    parker and g-tech. merong pang pangalan mo pag parker. their grips are comfortable. nung h.s. adik ako sa kanila. kaya nga pag naiwan ko sila, sira na araw ko. pwera na lang kung may nagpahiram sa kin ng g-tech o parker pero madalas panda't lotus. bihira lang kase may extrang parker at g-tech sa amin. meron din akong mechanical pencil na parker na madalas pagkamalang ball pen. kaso, lately parang panget na refill ng parker. humihinto yung tinta. pirated na ata nabibili ko e. he!he! kaya ngayon, pilot's black g-tech(dati .4 ngayon .3) as in maarte na kung maarte pero iba talaga feeling ko pag ito gamit ko. i don't know, but this makes my penmanship look good. legible. kasi with other pens medyo hirap akong basahin ang penmanship ko. most of the time di ko pa nga mabasa e. it also makes me feel good in taking a test, lalo na pag may mga essay type. atsaka parang mas ok feeling ko pag bagsak ako sa test na g-tech gamit ko. pinaka asar ako pag bagsak ako na panda o kaya lotus ang gamit ko. kung baga, parang sobrang malas ko naman. i really hate those brand of ballpens. sama mo na rin my-gel. parang dagat na umaagos ang tinta. runs out of ink quickly. tapos nagbablot pa, madiin kase ako magsulat. i like apache though and also sailor(?). awa ng diyos nakawala ako ng 3
    g-tech sa school last sem. hay!!!!
  • nek_02nek_02 Member PExer
    retractable na pilot
    g-tec .4 and .3
    ung normal na tombow at pilot
    ska ung pen na "the dog"

  • silver parker pen-it was a gift from a friend.
    black faster-cheap and very functional
    pilot mechanical pencil, .5

    * i also have a thing for the 2 or 3-in-1 pens, yung may red, black and blue.. pang-grade school but i love them*
  • shadowboxershadowboxer manic-depressive bunny PExer
    Uni Pin Fine Line... .5 pag black, .3 pag red

  • *keyah**keyah* On My Side Still PExer
    Pilot Signpen V5

  • indigo24indigo24 humor me PExer
    MyGel pen
    Pilot v5
  • elementaltravelelementaltravel Recruitment Specialist PExer
    kilometrico nung Grade School(available pa ba to?)
    UNI nung High School
    Kahit ano nung College
    Mongol pencil No 2 sa office

  • Mickey2000Mickey2000 TheFoodBlogger PExer
    loveforthemouse.gifBlack Pilot Sign-Pen
  • Econ_majorEcon_major Working Fella PExer
    hmmmm... black Pilot and blue Tombo ball-pens for my notes, but when I'm signing or writing something important, I usually use my blue Inoxcrom fountain pen.
  • winterfell2013winterfell2013 Member ✭✭
    I always use Uni retractable pen but when I wanted to learn how to write Kanji and Hanzi, I shifted to finer nibs and only Japan lang yata ang me brands for that like Muji. Now using 0.25 and 0.38 nibs. All are made in Japan.
  • iluveyngeliluveyngel iluveyngel ✭✭
    ngayon na mas lagi kami nag susulat dahil sa work im choosing comfortable pens na maganda ipangsulat I don't care kung chepa lang siya basta hindi nag blot at hindi nawawalan ng tinta pag nalalaglag 
  • ameleensyameleensy Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 12
    Sharpie or Schneider. I like fine liners or felt tip pens, but Schneider also has the smoothest-writing ballpoints. I don't like slim pens, masakit sa kamay... Sign pens naman, makalat. Schneider is perfect for me because they make those with a rubber body/grip. 
  • i use Zebra Sarasa Clip pens (0.3 and 0.5) and Copic Multiliner (0.1).

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