[MERGED]Vaginal Tightening

is it possible for a girl to get "loose" because of too much sex?


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Get "loose"? Please elaborate. Are we talking morally or physically here? And how "loose" is "loose"?
  • sex_and_candysex_and_candy really sweet... PExer
    sorry if it was too vague! :)

    get loose, as in physically, her vagina would not be as tight anymore that the guy entering her would be able to notice it. loose=maluwag? i heard some friends talk about this and i was wondering if it was actually possible...
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Your friends overestimate themselves if they think they can tell whether a nulliparous woman has had many male partners based on her vagina's tightness alone. A woman's vagina doesn't become looser when she has regular sex. On the contrary, since it's a muscle, it should even get tighter when it undergoes regular exercise. The only time a woman's vaginal canal expands on a more permanent basis is when she gives birth vaginally. The tightness experienced when a virgin has sex for the first time is due to tension/anxiety. Obviously, when a woman has had more experience, she will be more relaxed. But an experienced woman's vaginal canal isn't looser or wider than a virgin's, assuming that she hasn't had any children yet.
  • sentimentssentiments certified traveholic :p PExer
    doc ira... curious lang....

    totoo ba na pedeng tahiin ulit yung vaginal canal ng bagong panganak para sumikip sya ulit?

    kung totoo yun, dapat ba nire-request yun sa doktor kasi di ata lahat ng doktor or midwife nagtatahi ng ganun sa bagong panganak.......
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    You can ask any ob-gyne to do this procedure. It's very easy and it takes only a couple of extra stitches post-delivery. It's so easy that my classmates and I were already doing vaginal tightening (we used to call it "flower arrangement") on our own when we were still medical interns as a gift to the happy couple, and every ob-gyne can do this procedure with one hand tied behind the back within 1 minute. Just request for it prior to delivery so the ob-gyne will know. I don't think any ob-gyne will even charge extra for this.
  • vhevhe PExer
    When I was delivery my ob-gyne do that flower arrangement but can I have a question doc. Why its still loose my vagina after I birth?

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