Hana Yori Dango?

I just watched this last week and I'm hooked. I'm re-watching it for maybe the 3rd time...it's gorgeous! A month ago I thought I would love Fushigi Yuugi and only Fushigi Yuugi forever, but Hanadan wipes the floor with Fushigi Yuugi!

Heheheh. Pardon the giddy newbie otaku.

Anyway would anyone know where I can get good stuff on this series? By stuff, I mean any stuff at all. Even the dorky collector ones.


  • HinakoHinako Member PExer
    i saw a lot of Hana yori Dango manga in Central Comic Headquarters (CCHQ), and they also have the artbook.

    the store (its a HUGE place that sells anime artbooks, manga and american comics) is located in the 3rd floor of FBR Arcade, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. The orange-colored building is right in front of Ateneo, near Pizza Hut & Angelinos.
  • nixxienixnixxienix Member PExer
    I saw vols. 1-29 at feata, and im purchasing them there in staggered amounts. 10 a month probably. So far there are 33 volumes, so I'm looking for 30-33 right now.

    Leads regarding any other merchandise will also be appreciated :) The whole series was practically a bandai advertisement, and I WANT THE TOYS, heheh.
  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Incidentally, HYD is one of the few mangas that has been scanslated completely by The Hawks (#hawks at irc.wondernet.nu).
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA Abusayafsucks! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    maganda story ng Hana Yori Dango,the artwork is great,also the voice actors.kumpleto ng friend ko from ep 1-51 vcd. kaso hanggang ep6 pa lang ako.
  • slothsloth hacker PExer
    yes! it was good....eto yung pinagbasehan ng Meteor Garden story.

    Domyouji rocks!
  • bluemistbluemist life in blue PExer
    Yup, Meteor Garden is based on Hana Yori Dango, and it's the only reason why I still watch that Taiwanese drama (aside from the ending theme which... RULES!!).

    Nope, The Hawks didn't completely scanslate Hana Yori Dango. They stopped at volume 33, because it was already licensed by Viz. The manga is still running (a looong shoujo manga indeed) and is approaching it's 35th volume.
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    hmmm.. is it because of the MG craze that people are starting to realize about HYD? anyway, i definitely looooooooove the manga. parang ayaw kong panoorin yung anime kasi parang feeling ko inferior to ng todo sa manga. pero nakita ko ending nung anime XD

    and ang cute cute cute as in sobrang cute and sweet ni domyoji!!! waaaahhhh!!! makes me wanna huggle and cuddle him all day long. ang cute nilang dalawa ni tsukushi!

    #hawks technically only translated up to vol31 kasi tinamad na yung translator nila. shoujomagic did volumes 32 to a little bit of 35 until na ma-license na nga ng viz. and then i relied on translations/summaries.

    pareho kami ni bluemist, watching MG just because of it being based on HYD. anyway, ngayon my love for the manga's strengthened dahil hindi talaga matatapatan ng live and manga. XD
  • deetwistdeetwist smoochie PExer
    mas maganda ung anime para sa akin hehe compared to the mg series...d medyo amateur kc ung mga ibng actors but i still love the series coz LEI is so cute hehe:D
  • VersionTwoVersionTwo point-oh PExer
    stepping out....hehehe! i really like this series too! i can relate with nixxienix and the fushigi yuugi thing. i got my episodes nung time na hindi pa uso yung vcds etc. i downloaded each episode from my friend via ftp. grabe! needless to say and taas ng internet bill ko pero it was worth it! tsukushi no baka! :D
  • bigfoot14bigfoot14 not an addict PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hey there!

    Can you please tell me how much the HYD manga costs? I always wanted to buy mangas but i didn't know where to look for them and how much it would set me back! Thanks!:D
  • sea spritesea sprite FRODO LIVES! PExer
    i saw the HYD anime eps and i just finished reading the translations of the manga. unfortunately, hanggang vol 27 lang yung translations dun sa site na pinupuntahan ko. does anyone know of any sites/can anyone please summarize volumes 27-33 for me? i don't think i can afford the mangas right now at medyo nabitin ako. thanks! :sunnysmile:
  • el_pistoleroel_pistolero Macross Cmmdr. PExer
    hmmm.... interesting (gaano kaya katagal to mag d/l sa kazaa nito?) my cush wud definitely like this one!:D :heart:
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    Originally posted by sea sprite
    i saw the HYD anime eps and i just finished reading the translations of the manga. unfortunately, hanggang vol 27 lang yung translations dun sa site na pinupuntahan ko. does anyone know of any sites/can anyone please summarize volumes 27-33 for me? i don't think i can afford the mangas right now at medyo nabitin ako. thanks! :sunnysmile:

    actually if you want, vols 1-34 scanslations are available at irc. pero since licensed na sya, baka pahirapan na ng hanapan. anyway, here's a site with the trans/summary: http://www.hanayoridango.net/
  • sea spritesea sprite FRODO LIVES! PExer
    thanks for the tip rinoa. try ko silang hanapin. problem is, i'm irc-retarded. :p patulong na lang ako.

    el_pistolero, in case seryoso ka, kazaa user [email protected]??? has all the eps (1-51) in avi format. file size: 62mb-72mb per episode. saya talaga siguro kung may dsl ka. *sigh*

  • guy_25guy_25 Member PExer
    where can you get vcd copies of HYD and marmalade boy? My internet connection is really slow. would take me a week.

    Have you tried streamload? Some guys have streamloaded me kase entire volumes of manga scanlations, baka meron HYD dun.
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA Abusayafsucks! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wag na kayo manood nyan, nood na lang kayo ng Hellsing.

    joke lang ha baka may violent reaction... :glee: :glee:
  • kendzkendz Registered User PExer
    saw the whole 51 eps of HYD, grabe, sobrang ganda. kakain-love pa nga. naging interest ako ng anime nato nong kinuwentuhan ako ng dormmate ko na maka-anime din.

    sya rin nagsabi na ginawan ng teleserye ito somewhere in taiwan, so nong pinalabas yong teaser last april alam ko talaga na magiging hit ito, pero never expected na ganito sila kasikat!

    nyway, disappointed lang ako sa MG kasi di talaga nila pinalabas yong mga mas nakakakilig na scenes. (vacation sa Canada, etc)

    mas maganda pa rin ang HYD! :)
  • sum1sum1 Member PExer
    u'd have to watch it.

    i bought the whole set when i went to china, and the storyline is just better than MG. that's why sometimes yung mga scenes ng MG medyo corny ksi galing sya dun sa anime.
  • miselmisel *lilipad*lilipad*takure! PExer
    sa'n ba nakakabili ng vcd niyan? :)
  • candycandycandycandy -=always w/ you=- PExer
    oo nga san ba makakabili nyan? san na ba si anime4sale? ppsstttt anime4sale where are you???



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