2003 NBA DRAFT: 1. LeBron James 2. Darko Milicic??

Grr_tigerGrr_tiger dA_migHtY_TiGEr PExer
Darko Milicic
Position: Forward
Height: 7-0
Country: Yugoslavia
Born: June 20, 1985
He is one of the biggest hopes of Yugoslavian basketball in his generation and that alone is something, considering the strength of Yugoslavian basketball. Very tall, agile, mobile player with tons of upside. Just has to continue to develop and he's a future NBA player. His outlook is very good considering the Yugoslavian basketball system is very good at developing players. He was thrown into the Seniors level this year and did a very impressive job for 16 year old.

-Uros Velkavrh

Possibly the top NBA prospect at any age in Europe. He plays in Hemofarm. He dunks in traffic, dribbles and goes 1 on 1 like a guard, scores on the pull-up jumper, passes well and blocks shots. I've never seen a player like him at 16! NEVER!

-Cristian Biagini

Everything they say is true, multidimensional left-hander, can hit the three and has a jump hook with the same ability, runs the floor very well with a great wingspan and athletism

this EUROPEAN TEEN PHENOM is just 17 years old!

is he really that good?

some observers say he's as good as no. 2 in the Draft.

and that he would bring INTRIGUE to the 2003 Draft


  • hanskyuthanskyut kyut na pexer PExer
    is he eligible to play?
    he's only 17 years old

    but i heard he's good
  • therocktherock Appl Arch PExer
    he wont be in the 2003 Draft if David Stern has his way. under the current rules, a player needs to be 18 years of age when he declares himself for the Draft of that year. Seeing that Darko will only turn 18 on June 20, which is past the deadline for Draft declarations, i dont think he'll make it in 2003.
  • yrrejboyyrrejboy Member PExer
    galing nyo mghanap ng info a....

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