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Sakura Wars

Ang Sakura Wars na ilang beses na nyong pinanood (at kinasawaan) sa AXN ay mapapanood na sa ABS-CBN in filipino dub form. Starting November 9, at 4:30PM.

Immediately following is another new anime, Beyblade (also seen on Cartoon Network), at 5:00PM.

TODO NA TO! Okay naman yung Sakura Wars, pero napapanood naman sa AXN, bakit yun pa? UFO Baby lang ang masasabi kong bago. Any reactions?


  • ABS airs anime for people who have no cable, it's simple as that... :teehee:

    Nwei, the dubbing of Sakura Wars sucks, as in, sucks big time...The voices are okay, but not all compatible...& the dialog!!!!

    I mean, it sounds like the dubbing was done as a quickie..

    The english words does not fit in...
    Sumire: "Ang kapal mo...kahit na daddy ko di pa ako sinampal!"
    Scarlet Miroku: "...mga puppet...!"
    Why not make 'daddy' change to 'papa', i think mas bagay pa...
    And "puppet"? Why not the Tagalog word for it??

    And the pronounciation!
    Wakiji--they stress the syllable "ki"
    Kulonos-Kai..i 4got the word they flaunted...
    Sumire (i think)
    Ensign-it should sound "En-shayn) right? Not 'Ensin'
    It sounds..ugh
    Don't they listen to the jap version before they "makeover" it?

    The voices too...
    Sakura-ugh...can they find anyone who has meeker voice?
    Sumire-instead of a refined beauty queen voice, she sounds like a teenage spoiled brat..! (this is what i really find pathetic) I know there are many ABS seiyuus there who has maturer voice...
    Koran is going to arrive,..I'm too scared what it's in store of her filipino voice...

    Somehow, I didn't feel a Sakura Wars aura, not like other ABS anime, I don't know why, maybe cos I watched Sakura Wars on AXN before in ABS-CBN.
  • Dubbing sux! :mad:
  • Actually, you can say ensign as en-sin, and get away with it. Ever watched Star Trek?

    Now the only problem with ABS-CBN anime dubbing is they try to make the characters sound like soap opera stars. Plus the voices get all mixed up (and not in a good way) which is also a drag. Plus they always fall for the "Meh-goooo-mi" Trap. Well, I guess it's a Pinoy thing... but I'd rather hear name pronunciations correctly, because if there's anything I've learned from high school English classes it's that words should be pronounced the way they're supposed to be.

    Sa-kooooo-ra and Su-meeeee-re... man...
  • Kanna's voice was horibble
  • thehitmanthehitman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    That's why the tagalog dubs aren't exactly for people who are so used to japanese dialogue. The disparity is simply too big. That, plus someone's comment about making the anime sound like a soap opera.

    Note: 'Ensin' is the proper pronunciation, not 'En-shayn'

  • I think it's good but not great dubbing. But I am watching Beyblade more.

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