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Dream Team 1 or Dream Team 2004 ?

KB2dMaxKB2dMax Member PExer
Dream Team 1 vs Dream team 2004 ?

Ewing vs ONeal
Malone vs Duncan
Bird vs T'Mac
Jordan vs Kobe
Johnson vs Kidd
Robinson vs Garnett
Barkley vs Webber
Pippen vs Carter
Drexler vs Stackhouse
Mullin vs Allen
Stockton vs Iverson

This would be one hell of a game , ppl can say that DT 1 has the advantage cuz of MJ but can you honestly say that anyone on that team could stop Shaq?


  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
    First thing first: Bakit maglalaro na ba si Shaq sa 2004 Olympics??? :D

    To answer the question, I would choose Dream Team I to win this game. But not because they have MJ in their lineup, it's because they play more as a TEAM. And also, their players have the smaller egos compared to this new batch of dream teamers. At isa pa, nasa DT1 idol ko eh. Yung #10: Clyde Drexler! :D

    I agree this would be a helluva game. I would definitely sell my house and all my properties just to see this game live! :lol: Sad to say, this is only a fantasy game. :D
  • kidcharlemagnekidcharlemagne no day but today... PExer
    I'm leaning toward the original Dream Team (Magic, Larry, MJ) although we must acknowledge that int'l competition has become much stiffer 12 years hence kaya mas nahihirapan ang mga sumunod na dream teams. Pero kung paglalabanin mo head-to-head ang dalawang ito, mananalo ang DT1 but only by a slim margin.

    Maari kasing walang makabantay kay Shaq but, in turn, who will you guard against pag nagsabay-sabay sina MJ, Larry, at Sir Charles?
  • woundedwounded take it off! PExer
    Dream Team 1 was just a decade ago, but I think they are in a different era already. I think they will get beaten up by a SOLID Dream Team 4, with or without Shaq (throw in Jermaine or Ben Wallace) simply because the game has evolved.

    In the same way that Kobe and T-mac may become better than MJ has ever been but they will never dominate the league the way Jordan did. Jordan was like a freak in the late 80's and early 90's, his skills was preempts today's crop.
  • aticusaticus Laker fan for life PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'd take Dream Team One. :D

    First of all, it's not just MJ that Dream team 2004 will not be able to match up with. No man alive can stop Magic at his peak either, and the other folks aren't slouches. ;)

    First, at Center, Ewing was coming off his greatest season, a First Team All-NBAer with great shooting range who could draw Shaq out of the post. David Robinson was also at his prime, just a few years from winning an MVP award, in fact. Shaq would do great, but his brute strength wouldn't be as effective in an international style game, with the Zone defense allowed. Garnett wouldn't be up to snuff, either. He can't even take over first round playoff games, much less beat a peaking Ewing or Robinson.

    At Power Forward, you've got a young, strong Karl Malone plus a bull in Charles Barkley. Both players were still to win their MVP's (Malone's two and Barkley's one coming after the Barcelona Olympics), so they had plenty of gas left in their tank. Only Duncan would be a good match up here, as Webber disappears during big games. I'd say Duncan is the best of the lot, talent-wise, but Malone and Barkley are better than Duncan and Webber, especially in the clutch.

    At Shooting Forward, Bird might have been coming off an injury, but dang, he could still shoot. Plus Pippen was in First team All-NBA form, not to mention First Team All-Defense, so I'd give them the edge over T-Mac and Carter, neither of whom could even get their teams past the first round of the playoffs. Plus, Carter and T-Mac are perenially hurt, and neither has proven himself in championship games. Bird and Pippen, between them, have 9 NBA championship rings.

    At Shooting Guard, you have Michael Jordan at his peak, plus Drexler, coming off a fantastic season (where he finished 2nd in MVP voting to Jordan), and Mullin, who just shot the lights out of the NBA (over 25 points a game and over 50% shooting) and the Olympics. Mullin was the Dream Team's most consistently deadly shooter. Kobe is great (hey, I'm a huge fan), but he's not at his peak yet, and Stackhouse is absolutely no match for Drexler. Ray Allen, great as he is, isn't close to Mullin's shooting touch at his prime. He is more of a shooter/slasher, while Mullin is as pure a shooter as the NBA has ever seen.

    Finally, at Point Guard, you have the incomparable Magic versus Jason Kidd (good, but not even close to as great). Magic could control the game offensively, defensively and psychologically. You just KNEW you would win when Magic was at his peak and on your side, and with Jordan and Drexler and Pippen on the wings, this guy would unleash the most devastating (and fast) fastbreak the world has ever seen. Kidd is an exceptional ball-handler, but his shooting percentage is atrocious (Magic is a career 50+% shooter), and he's too short to guard the Magic man in the post. Stockton, on the other hand, was also at the peak of HIS abilities, and while Iverson would run rings around him offensively, he wouldn't be able to stop Stockton from setting up the Dream Team I's offense either... and I'd rather have Stockton assisting to the likes of Malone, Robinson, Barkley, Bird and Ewing than Iverson doing his one-on-one virtuoso act against Dream Team I's absolutely suffocating perimeter defense (Jordan, Pippen, Drexler... whew).

    As for the lone sore thumb, Laettner... well, no team is perfect. :) But given that he didn't expect to play much, leaving more time for the NBA superstars to do their stuff, his inclusion was more a blessing than a bane... especially given the current NBA attitude of sulking with less playing time.

    All in all, I'd say Dream Team I should take it. They were better in perimeter defense, hustle, shooting (a must in the international game), free throws, and sheer championship experience. Dream Team 2004 would be more athletic, but how many points do you score for a dunk over an opponent anyway? :)

    Plus, as a last point, Dream Team I's players have a total of 21 NBA championship rings and 15 MVP awards. Dream Team 2004, if it has the players mentioned in the first post, only has 7 championship rings and 3 MVP awards. Take away Shaq and Kobe and you're down to one championship ring. Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of. :D

    Dream Team I, definitely.
  • c0ngsterc0ngster Banned by Admin PExer
    1. magic - j kidd
    2. mj - tmac
    3. bird - kobe
    4. malone - garnett
    5. ewing - duncan

    the 92 dream team by 12 points.

    i like kobe to play the 3 spot if both he and tmac get chosen.
  • KB2dMaxKB2dMax Member PExer
    I agree , DT 1 does have the advantage due to maturity and experience cuz this game would be close . But i do think DT 04 is just a tad bit more athletic top to bottom and lets say in a 5 game series would in my opinion take a game or two. Remember DT 1 only beat Croatia by 28-30 sum points ? got it down to 21 during the game and at that time Euro ball wasnt as good as it is today. What would have happened if Jordan , Johnson and bird didnt play ?

    I agree this would be a helluva game. I would definitely sell my house and all my properties just to see this game live! Sad to say, this is only a fantasy game

    Mega Ditto !
  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
    good analysis, aticus. :up:

    It's freakin' long but it's worth it! :D
  • jon2jon2 Member PExer
    One thing I learned, you can never win a mythical match against a legend (or a bunch of legends in this case). DT1 will always be invincible at the back of our minds (esp. the old ones). It's like asking whether a prime Tyson or a prime Lewis could beat a prime Ali. In a mythical matchup, nobody can touch Ali. The same goes for DT1.
  • SeCrEtOSeCrEtO [email protected] pa sindi nga nito.. PExer
    Sure na bang sila mag lalaro sa 2004?
  • mintymalonemintymalone The dynamite PExer
    I tend to favor the first dream team. A team with Jordan, Johnson and Bird is unbeatable.
  • KB2dMaxKB2dMax Member PExer
    you can never win a mythical match

    Yeah your right its only a mythical match . But remember , they took the 94 DT w/ Coleman , Larry Jonhson , Mark Price , Reggie Miller , Shawn Kemp , Dan marley , Steve Smith , Mourning etc. and played a computer simulation game ( Not Playstation ) againts DT 1 . The results DT 1 beat the 94 DT by two pts from a last secound shot by Mullin. I mean , I know its only a simulation game buts its the closes were ever going to get to a real game . So in that sense a battle between 92 DT and 04 DT even in a simulation would be interesting cuz in my opinion DT 04 would beat the 94 team .
  • posse08posse08 loyal green archer PExer
    Dream team 1 will win though its gonna be a close game. I mean Jordan, Magic and Bird pa naman eh. About dun sa computer simulation nabasa ko yun sa sports illustrated before may story pa nga eh. Barkley even commented that there is a reason why Mullin played. And I think hindi full force ang dream team 1 wla yata si Bird or si Drexler. Are you sure na computer simulation yun? Pure fictional story lang yata eh. In my opinion if they will field the best possible team USA 2004 is the 2nd best team ever next to the 1992 squad. Third best yun 1996 then yun 1994. Though magaling din yun USA college squad na nadun sina Bill Russel.
  • Originally posted by mintymalone
    I tend to favor the first dream team. A team with Jordan, Johnson and Bird is unbeatable.

    after 15 yrs or so, maybe we can say that a team with kobe , shaq and kidd is better than the above
  • jon2jon2 Member PExer
    Originally posted by KB2dMax
    Yeah your right its only a mythical match .

    I believe you misquoted me. I was pointing to the fact that people will always be sympathetic to the legends. There's is no way you're gonna win an argument against DT1 at this point. The reason, people are still in awe of Jordan, Bird, and Magic and will not even entertain the fact that (1) Kobe and T-Mac may be closer to Jordan than we think; (2) there's 2 of them on the team; (3) no center, dead or alive, can stand up to Shaq; (4) KG and Vinsanity are physical freaks; (5) Duncan's bank shot is an automatic; (6) Webber only chokes when he is up against Shaq; and (7) pure shooters are good only if they can elude their quicker, more athletic, and longer defenders.
  • ryan_jamsessionryan_jamsession hoops junkie PExer
    we can't really say right now. we don't even know the final lineup yet.

    maybe if the 2004 Olympic Team could surpass DREAM TEAM 1'S achievements like winning each game by at least 30 pts. and earning the respect of their opponents.

    BUT, the DREAM TEAM 1 wasn't really impressive when it started out preparing for the Olympics.

    they were outclassed by this team:


    the 1992 USA Development Team

    When USA Basketball began its planning for the 1992 USA Olympic men's team training, it decided that the squad's best interest would be served if it had a team to scrimmage during its initial June 22-26 training camp in La Jolla, Calif. In assembling a scrimmaging partner that could challenge the Dream Team

    and imitate the international style of play, USA Basketball looked for players that would get the ball up and down the court quickly, penetrate and pass back out to the perimeter and take plenty of three point shots.

    Amazingly, in a 20-minute scrimmage against the '92 Olympic men on June 24, the Developmental squad managed the unlikely by defeating the Dream Team 62-54 on the strength of its three-point shooting. While lasting only half the time of a regulation 40-minute game, the Developmental team had delivered a crucial wake-up call to the USA Olympic Team.

    that team was composed of future NBA superstars Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Allan Houston, Jamal Mashburn, & Chris Webber.

    but i think DREAM TEAM 1 is still my choice.

    "You will see a team of professionals in the Olympics again," "But I don't think you'll see another team quite like this. This was a majestic team."
    - USA coach Chuck Daly.
  • posse08posse08 loyal green archer PExer
    Yun USA 2000 kasi nandun nga si Vince Carter, Kevin Garnet, Gary Payton, Allan Houston, Alonzo Mourning but close games na nung time na yun. If we gonna judge it by performance Dream team 1 na yun pinaka magaling if we are gonna base it on the winning margin. Im not sure if a full force team USA can beat a full force Yugoslovia by 20 points though kaya naman tambakan ng USA ang Yugo.

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