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the KEVIN ZEGERS thread

kilala niyo si KEVIN ZEGERS of airbud and mvp fame? he really likes to show off his body a lot in most of his movies from age 12 to present (i think he's 18 now). what can u say about him?

check this website out and see his pics.

http://www.cpps90.com :cool:


  • I love him!!! Last year, or the year before that, there was this TV movie on ABC-Family Channel called TIMESHARE. I thought the really cute guy in it looked familiar. So, I spent a lot of time thinking where I've seen him before. Si Kevin pala yun! I didn't recognize him kasi he looked so much older in that movie na...as opposed to the way he looked in the AIRBUD movies.

    I wish he'd appear on more films. He's a good actor naman, di ba? Bat di siya sumisikat? He has the looks and talent naman. Ang ibang actors nga dyan...looks lang, sumisikat na sila.

    *SIGH* Basta, super cute talaga niya.
  • hay salamat may nakapansin din kay kevin. sobra ko siyang crush! love na love ko talaga siya! as in sa airbud pa lang crush ko na siya. magaling siya talaga tsaka sobra pa siyang sexy. *sigh*
  • itchy_scratchyitchy_scratchy PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    CUTE SYA , mas cute sya ngyon
  • have u checked out the pics at the website? shirtless siya in most of his movies. very sexy. :D
  • oooh... finally a thread on him!!! cee and i were long gushing over the guy at the andy roddick thread (hiya cee!! :wave).. notice the similarity?!? he looks like the younger bro of andy roddick!!

    ako i like him before pa tlga.. summer last year?!?! there was this movie at star.. yung sa beach.. yung 2 families then the mom of family1 ended up with dad from family2.. basta he was sooo young pa there... feeling ko cradle snatcher ako!! haha.. how old is the guy?!?!
  • favorite site ko rin yung http://www.cpps90.com. parati ko siyang pinupuntahan lalo na dati kasi laging updated yung mga pics. kaya lang parang hindi na na-update yung shirtless pics ni kevin. :(
  • like i just saw TRANSAMERICA, and i cannot believe how amazinly beautiful this guy is...

    and a lot of butt naked scenes in that film! :naughty:

    image.jpg :inluv:
  • just saw transamerica and i cant believe the movie flashed kevin's willy in one scene. but, yeah, it's true folks, in all its glory i must say.
  • I used to have a huge crush on him before. But then I forgot all about him. Hahaha. He's hot!!! I think I like him again. :lol:

    ...he's 22 years old now. :love:
  • he's really cute...hindi ko sya maalis sa isip ko. i wonder why di ** masyado sumikat eh he's hotter than zac efron naman. he's 25 yrs old now mas hot sya ngayon.
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