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uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Kumakain ba kayo ng taho?


  • oo naman!!! sarap nun eh!! lalo na pag chilled!! yummy.gif
  • gemgem PExer
    yup, its o so yummy!
  • opkors!!!! sarap yung flavored taho! yummy.gif tapos daming syrup and sago yummy.gif
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Is there anyone who actually doesn't like taho? :D
  • I never liked taho. It was weird for me to even think of eating that white substance, much more after that Plaster of Paris scare.

    But that was until last year, when I tried it in school. Now I'm craving for it every single day. :D
  • I LOVE TAHO!! heheh every time i have a craving for taho, i have to go to chinatown just for it yummy.gif
  • chilled or hot i just loveeeeeeeeeeeee taho!!! theres this person who passes by our house shouting "tahoo" yummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gif
  • I love tahooooo, warm or chilled!!! :):)

    (I especially like the type na tinitinda nung mamang naglalakad sa kalye at sumisigaw ng "Tahoooo!" Kasi sa Mann Hann, may taho rin sila, thinner lang nga ang consistency. Pero sarap pa rin!) :D
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    There was this stall in Galleria which sold really yummy, cold, flavored taho. Groovy lang nga sobra ang pangalan (Magic Flavors Taho ang name). Too bad they folded up. Any other place you guys know of which sells cold flavored taho?

    Has anyone tried the hot taho in Gloria Maris? It comes in a small wooden pail. Masarap din siya!
  • yummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gif !!!... gusto ko maraming arnibal!!! yummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gif
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    silver, ako rin gusto ko maraming arnibal!!! yummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gifyummy.gif

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  • silver and uptowngirl ako gusto ko madaming arnibal.... at sago!!!! :)
  • i like taho. high in protein but no fat content(hehehe..lumalabas na ba pagka-glutton ko)

    i've tried the tahoo in gloria maris, my sis always orders that when we eat there coz she wants to play with the pail. the taho is ok, tastes good actually but the syrup tastes kinda funny
  • taho lover since birth :D
  • I bought half a pitcher of that heavenly substance for myself and yet nabitin pa rin ako!
  • Papa labeled me a "taho-baby". :D One of my favorite memories when we were still living in the Philippines was waking up at early in the morning with a huge cup in hand, waiting by the sidewalk for the taho vendor to pass by. hehe... Come rain or shine, I would be out that door in a flash with my cup as soon as I woke up! The taho vendor soon became familiar with me and knew to stop by every morning because I would be waiting for him. :D I like my taho nice and hot though! Yum yum! (Gosh, I miss that stuff! I hadn't had it for years and I'm no where near a Chinatown!)
  • syempre, i'm eating taho....sarap nga eh!! especially if there's more sago & arnibal yummy.gif
  • Yumm! Arnibal ba tawag dun sa syrup, osang? hehe ngayon ko lang yun narinig ah
  • i like mine with lotsa syrup. gosh i miss that stuff, di na kasi sila puede magbenta sa loob ng village e.
  • op cors :) lalo na pag maraming sago
    we buy by the gallon or 1/2 gallon. may gumagawa kasi ng homemade taho (guaranteed walang plaster of paris bcoz they use gelatin ata) sa may spkr. perez st. QC. :) yummy talagaaaaaa yummy.gif
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