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R u gonna Stay w/ d "1 who love's you" or going back to the "1 you love"

Huh! its really hard to decide... when it come's about LOVE:(
the "1 you luv" or the "1 who loves you"
i think for me its the "one who loves me" :)

if you we're asked? whom do you choose?


  • mac326mac326 eating ice for lunch PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    patience is important when it comes to love.

    i'd rather wait for someone who will love me as much as i will love him.
  • sexychikasexychika life's a b*tch den u die PExer

    wow d sma 0L **** kinda question..ehehehe... :glee: ghah yeah iz hard to decide..life's a ***** den u die..ganun lng yun..kung ako yun...ah aint gonna choose any of them..sakit lng sa ulo!! hanap nalng ako ng iba..
  • KhellKhell Busy But Bored PExer
    Probably someone who will love me ... I think it's better that way. ;)

  • MioMio Banned by Admin PExer
    yeah same...i'd prefer someone who loves me. :)
  • powerpuffpowerpuff AnGeL!cB!+cH PExer
    the one who loves me :p
  • AltarielAltariel Lady of the Woods PExer
    the one who loves me :)
  • roc_broc_b Member PExer
    attached ka ba ngayon? if you are then just stay with the person whom you have a relationship right now...pero kung single ka pa..PLAY ON!! hehe :D
  • bourbonbourbon G'Day Mate! PExer
    I have loved and been loved, sadly though not at the same time...

    I'd rather go for 50/50. Kailangan mahal ko siya and mahal niya rin ako in return

  • PokkhaPokkha Humorist PExer
    THE ONE YOU LOVE :lovesigh:
    Glenn Frey

    I know you need a friend
    Someone you can talk to
    Who will understand what you're going through
    When it comes to love
    There's no easy answer
    Only you can say what you're gonna do
    I heard you on the phone
    You took his number
    Said you weren't alone, but you'd call him soon
    Isn't he the guy
    The guy who left you cryin'
    Isn't the the one who made you blue
    When you remember those nights in his arms
    You know you've gotta make up your mind

    Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you
    Or are you going back to the one you love
    Someone's gonna cry when they learn they've lost you
    Someone's gonna thank the stars above

    Instrumental bridge

    What you gonna say when he comes over
    There's no easy way to see this through
    All the broken dreams
    All the disappointments
    Oh girl -- What you gonna do
    Your heart keeps sayin' it's just not fair
    But still you've gotta make up your mind
  • DiSSDiSS The Love Doctor PExer
    I would go for both someone who loves me and someone who I love and yes I have found already:D

    It's kinda hard to love someone who loves you na hindi mo naman gusto it'd be just like lying to yourselves and to the other person It'd be better if it were a little bit of both
  • whenever i encounter that question, i used to say that i'd probably choose the one who loves me... because i would probably learn to love that person in return... that is until i found myself in that same situation... then i realized that i would rather be alone and loving someone who does not love me back and be contented than be with someone who i dont love and be miserable... i would only be fooling myself and the other guy... it wouldn't be fair to him... dont get me wrong... i tried to make it work... but i just couldnt...
    but this is just my opinion... "to each his own"
  • regptrp_md2bregptrp_md2b i'm following my heart. :) PExer
    i'll choose the one who loves me...i believe that there'll come a time i'll learn to love him.
  • Bryan_FuryBryan_Fury ONE MAN ARMY...... PExer
    Let me answer you with this saying..........

    "Get what you want.......Because in the end.......You might just end up liking what you get........." ;)

    This saying does not apply to all people........But IMO it makes A LOT OF SENSE.........But thats just me ;):)
  • i always went for the one i love...
    but then, as i grew older, i tried to make myself believe that i should go for the one who loves me...save me the heartache and all but i don't think u can teach ur heart what to feel so yeah, still goin for the one i love...
  • sakeenasakeena im whole-some!:D PExer
    when i was asked this question, if you the ship youre on is sinking and you hafta chooose which to save, the one who loves you or the one you love, i was thinking of my mom and a manliligaw.. shempre, i said, the one i love.. hello?

    pero kung prospect nung parehong romantic love, siguro the one i love pa rin. ang hirap kasi na yung pagpili ko, naka-depend sa feelings niya, na who knows? baka unstable yung feelings niya noh! baka the day after, hindi na niya ko love! eh kung mahal ko, at least walang sisisihin kungdi ako sa feelings ko.. makes sense ba? anywhoo, saka in reality, medyo selfish ako. :evil: paki-alam ko sa feelings niya?! may sariling feelings naman ako ah.. wehehehehehe
  • vikie_nbluevikie_nblue Member PExer
    the one wo loves me... :spiral:
  • maxieGRLmaxieGRL PExer once again PExer
    the one who loves me..:lovesigh:
  • sabine92575sabine92575 http://www.byahengbarok.com PExer
    to the one who loves me, syempre...

    you wouldn't be with that person in the 1st place kung wala ka naman feelings for him... kahit konti, i'm sure meron.... and in due time, that love will grow.... and eventually, you'll also love him in the same way that he loves you :D
  • tynetyne Member PExer
    dati ang gusto ko yung to the one i love, pero sa ngayon dun na ko sa taong mahal ako!!! nakakatrauma na kc magmahal tapos lolokohin ka lang!! d ba?
  • HerSheysHerSheys ___("('o',)____ PExer
    naks.. sounds familiar yung title ng thread ah..
    fav. song ko dati ah! [dami fav. song eh noh?]

    I'll stay w/ someone who loves me. :D parang nde na ako :mecry: :D

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