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ABS-CBN presents Wheels of Love

It seems to be the season of makeovers on ABS-CBN. After presenting a prettier, more poised Ana Maria Orozco, aka Betty la Fea in Eco Moda, ABS-CBN welcomes the true beauty of Vanessa Acosta, better known as TV's plain-but-intelligent Alicia, on her new telenovela Wheels of Love. Wheels of Love begins airing this Monday, November 11 at 10 am, replacing Nunca te Olvidare.

Joining Vanessa are four of Mexico's hottest and most beautiful young actresses, Vanessa Villela (Renata), Alejandra Urdain (Cecilia), Barbara Mori (Nelly), and Sandra Echeverria (Mariana) in this spellbinding story of love, friendship, rivalry and coming into your own and growing up. Wheels of Love unfolds at a college campus, where three young women from the same family are trying to find their places in the world. Vanessa Acosta plays Mari Jo, an idealistic young woman who believes she has found the love of her life in Jose (Mark Tacher) a handsome radio host. Unfortunately for her, her idyllic relationship comes under the eye of two determined people: Nelly (Barbara Mori), an emotionally disturbed young woman who fixates on Jose, and Carlos, a juvenile gangster who wants to build the perfect family with Mari Jo - with or without her consent.

Sandra Echeverria plays Mari Jo's sister Mariana, who is having love problems of her own as a result of her boyfriend Mauricio, who may or may not be the father of the baby a scheming classmate, Renata (Vanessa Villela) claims she is carrying. Meanwhile, Mari Jo and Mariana's half-sister Cecilia is having personal problems of the worst sort - a freshman in college, she falls under the spell of an older man named Miguel Angel, who uses his will to control Cecilia's every waking hour. Can true love snap her out of the trap Miguel laid out for her?

ABS-CBN premieres Wheels of Love on November 11 at 10:30 am.


C Alicia nagbalik, maganda na siya. Kasama pa si Cynthia :)


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