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What are Your "Eating Habits" Bepore, During or Apter Da Great Meal

What are Your Famous or Trademark "Eating Habits" Bepore, During or Apter Da Great Meal? Might as well start talkin' about your Drinking habits as well...dat is if you have one.

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  • peps: same here!!! haha tapos agawan kayo sa balat!!! yummy.gif

    what a guy: i also do that :D dont worry, you're not alone!!! :p

    hmm...umiinom lang ako after ko kumain :p
  • Peps...Hahaha...da balat...the crunchier the better.

    I hope I am not alone in this one. When I eat Corn on the Cob, I would get a knife and remove the corn bits from the cob...put it in a bowl..drop melted butter, salt and it's chow time.

    Also after every meal, my hand has a tendency to go directly to my stomach and gently rub it in a circular motion...hmmm.

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