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Favorite food?

its adobo for me...


whats's yours? :)


  • picnic ketchup fries :)
  • steamed crabs, lechon from cebu
    kakagutom ah =)
  • it's got to be calamares. di bale nang allergic ako sa seafoods. inom na lang ako ng gamot afterwards. :)
  • It's got to be Tamales for me! Ummm! Christmas na naman best time for Tamales!
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I love the the real chicken in Bacolod. Sobrang good!!! But for ordinary easy to have foods, corned beef is my number one. I've eaten so much corned beef in my life, especially when I was in college.
  • all these talking make me hungry :)
    i love all the stuffs u mentioned here...
    in addition: tropical chicken, bibingka, pizza...
  • i like the lechon liempo from baliwag's w/ isang kalderong kanin! and of course, a liter of cold coke... aaaahhhhhh!
  • Food? Hmmm... I love Angelino's Angellizas.. and their Blue Cheese Pizza! :)
  • Ginataang hipon na may puso ng saging
    Kalderetang baka with olives
    Sinigang sa miso na lapu-lapu (isda ha!)
    Paella (mixed seafood with shells)
    Shark's fin soup
    Carne asada (mexican)
    Roast beef (american)
    Steamed fish in soy sauce & peanut oil

    there's more hindi ko na lang maalala..
  • yummy! my tummy is rumbling na... sarap naman! well, here's my contribution:

    1. chopsuey - fresh veggies and dapat may water chestnut
    2. mozerella sticks ng don henricos
    3. paella
    4. spam - sa instant food category
    5. cheetos - sa junk food naman.

    makes me wanna grab a bag of cheetos and munch!
  • I just love Filipino food. All that fat just makes the food taste better.

    I also luv Angelino's shrimp pasta. I forgot what they call it but that's what i always order.
  • tokwa't baboy, kare-kare, sinigang at adobo (maski na ano pa silang klase), baked tahong, bulalo, inihaw (baboy o tuna), crabs and sugpo ... lahat na yat ng masama sa katawan!
  • my favorite is menudo cooked in real tomatoes, not tomato sauce.

    psylocke i'm allergic to seafood too. my face and my hands turn very red. i take claritin before i eat seafood to prevent the red thing from spreading. taking it before you eat is more effective than taking it after.
  • kinilaw na OYSTERS!!!!! (that's with suka, sibuyas, and salt to taste... pero gusto ko yung binoil naman nang konti) - i think this is the only "ulam" i wont get tired of eating...kahit na everyday ko ulam...aaahhh happiness...
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    The calamares and the grilled prawns of Casa Marcos are my favorites. Really, really good.
  • RiDeRRiDeR PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    shucks, ang dami yata. well, i'll give a few:

    goto, tokwa't baboy
    fried chicken
    chocolate cake

    sige yun lang muna, masyadong marami eh
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    oyster rockefeller of melo's!!!! sobrang sarap...dyan ako umpisa napakain ng oyster e!!!!
  • when it comes to viand, i like mechado a lot, yung mechado ng Mama Tess (she's my aunt) ko, no one makes delicious mechado like she does. i've tasted a lot of mechado copycats :) and not one can i say is at par with my aunt's mechado. i also like pasta and when it comes to cakes, i like red ribbon's choco mocha crunch, yum, yum, yum =D ang sarap kumain talaga
  • my favorites are fried chicken (can't resist kfc's), kare-kare, kaldereta, sisig (from trellis, where else?!) and calamares... sopa dipolog also in nandau - great soup!
  • sinigang na puros tyan ng bangus
    bangus ala pobre
    actually kahit na anong bangus
    piknik (regular, salted)
    tuna fillet mignon ng Tequila Joes...mmmm!!
    Chicken MArsala ng Friday's
    bbq ng Countryside

    fooffyloo: where do you get your tamales? my tita used to send us the best but she moved to the states...i miss tamales sobra!
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