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Beer anyone?

attention beer drinkers!

i am in dire need of your help.. :rolleyes:

pale pilsen?
super dry?
blue ice?
san mig light?

ur age, sex and ... pls comment on ALL that you have tried :p


  • 24/m here... u?

    dire need of help? how come? taste for yourself then...
    i like super dry the best. little, if any aftertaste, just right. parang corona. most consistent taste rin for me...

    pale? pakla e, has to be really really ice cold for me. then again, any beer has to be ice cold.

    light? it's too light! i mean, parang tubig na. deceiving. inom ka lang ng inom, pretty soon, napadami ka na, kala mo ok ka pa pero malalasing ka rin.
  • 24/m

    pale - kelangan ice cold.

    super dry - 2nd best for me. swabe.

    blue ice - don't see the difference with other beers.

    light - my personal favorite.
  • 22/f

    the best beer i've tried is ice cold corona with lemon.:yum:
  • a dude and im 28. when i was younger, i wouldnt be seen in public drinking pale. dunno bout now, in the early 90s, it was considered "bakya" to be seen in a bar holding a bottle of pale. i guess its because we associate pale pilsen with shirtless lasenggeros drinking their livers out at high noon. also, super dry came out with an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at yuppies. so did blue ice.

    now that im older and have an extensive knowledge about how to rate beer, ill say only heineken can beat an ice cold san miguel pale.
  • 22 female

    hate Super Dry simply because its dry. feels like im drinking nothing.

    blue ice is ok i guess but i like SMB light more. less filling, just like what the ads say.
  • rains_delightrains_delight PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    all of the above.

    29 paranaque
  • i like premium light beers.
  • 18/m SML's the best! *okay* hindi nakakalasing agad (uh duh! light nga eh :glee: )

    pero sure ako bagsak ako sa red horse na grande (hindi stallion) siguro 1 pa lang lasing na 'ko pero hindi pa basag

    i hate pale! sobrang ayoko nun *belch*

    miller's also good...although it taste's the same as SML
  • BlisterBlister PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    pale - last resort. pag wala talagang beer na available

    superdry - pag walang sanmig light

    blue ice - pag walang light at dry :glee:

    sanmig light - *okay*

  • redwitchredwitch PEx Rookie ⭐
    pale pilsen? - haven't tried
    super dry? - haven't tried
    blue ice? - wala lang *shrug*
    san mig light? - like it

  • budweiser
    san mig light
    stella artois
    ....these are the beers i like

    30/f ;)
  • angstangst PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Beers that I've tried so far:

    Budweiser - ok lang
    San Mig pale pilsen - medyo mapait
    San Mig light - the best!
  • aNgeLFire_bLueaNgeLFire_bLue PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Miller MGD -- i don't like the aftertaste of beers (when i was younger i tried San Mig (i think) and i hated it). but with this one, i actually had two cans. or probably coz i was just already too tipsy (with 2 glasses of zinfandel) before the first can :D

    mabilis ako malasing :bonkself: (don't worry graduation party kasi :vale: :wink: )

    oh and the next day, i was itching all over..:shrug:
  • blatfinkblatfink PEx Rookie ⭐
    ive tried pale pilsen and sml..

    San Mig Light's the best *okay* .. even Budweiser and Heineken couldnt compare w/ the taste of sml, they're too bitter for me.. hehe.. and sml is less filling of course.. :)
  • 25/f

    Super Dry
    Red Horse

    I don't like San Mig light so much. But when it's the only one served, beer pa din yun. :D
    My faves are super dry and red horse. ;)
  • 26/m

    Pale Pilsen all the way!
  • 22/m

    shinerbock, especially the one from the tap. damn, it tastes like bread! seriously. yung after taste, it's like you've been chewing bread for a while. it hits you like taking a paddle upside the head after 5 or so, but it's a great beer.

    and i dunno if it's the commercial, but corona makes me feel really cool.

    yung sanmig lite's pretty good too.
  • mc_316mc_316 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    I like the ff:

    1. SMB Pale Pilsen - One of the world's best!*okay*
    2. San Mig Light - Ito na iniinom ko ngayon, bilis ko kasi mabusog at masuya sa SMB eh.
    3. Heineken - For me, the best foreign brand!
    4. Cerveza Negra - For a change! Medyo manamis-namis, caramelly and full ang flavor!
    5. Red Horse - Pag gusto kong "tamaan" kagad!
    6. Budweiser - 2nd best foreign brand! Yung imported ha, hindi yung locally brewed. Parang lasang lychees!

    *okay* *okay* *okay*
  • cuchcuch PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    lone star light-kung inom-inom lang
    colt45-kung problemado
    shell velocity-kung desperado

    meron pa ba yung mga beer dati
    labatt's ice beer
    beer hausen
    max premium beer
  • 22m

    San Mig Light - Pag trip ko yung tamang amats lang. Kapag social gatherings, kapag iinom kami ng keg, kapag iinom kami ng nasa macho mug. Hayun, San Mig Light ang preference ko.

    Red Horse Eto ang Tama.

    Colt Isang bote lang nito, sipa na ako.
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