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Books for Less

I've just passed by this place Books for Less in Roces Avenue. How are their books and are they cheap?
What type of books do they have?


  • mintymalone
    mintymalone The dynamite
    Yeah, been there twice. Thier books are more expensive than what's in Booksale;however, you can be sure that their books are in very good condition. Personally, I still prefer Booksale because of their cheaper price. Though I must admit that Books for Less has better selections.
  • rors
    rors smash mo mukha mo :)
    roces avenue, as in the road near tomas morato and quezon ave? i want to check out this store.
  • It's a nice place. The books are in good condition and they carry interesting titles.A plus is that one can explore the Papelmeroti Store/Cafe downstairs.
  • What kind of books do they usually have and are they fairly recently published?

    Do they have lots of business/investment books?
  • They have all kinds of books. Yup, they also have business books. What's good about their store is that the books are properly segregated. They have different sections per genre. I think they have a website. Look for it at the papemelroti site. That's
  • rors
    rors smash mo mukha mo :)
    i visited the place kanina. book haven! ang daming hardbound na great bargains. wala lang yung hinahanap kong authors for now.
  • i dont like books for less. ndi naman kasi "for less", relatively a lot expensive than booksale!
  • CoolCucumber
    ^Ayan ang naging epekto ng Booksale sa 'tin, eh... naging chipipay na tayo dahil dun. :glee::cheers:

    :heart: Booksale.

  • RetroManila
    RetroManila Pushing Daisies
    Nakakaloko tong Books for Less.

    Halos kapareho lang ng brand new releases.
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