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Anime songs with full English lyrics



  • Wolf's Rain has both Engklish opening and ending themes: "Stray" by Steve Conte and "Gravity" by Maaya Sakamoto (?)

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is rather unique since it's opening theme is NEITHER Japanese NOR English, but a European / Scandinavian (?) sounding one. Can anyone please clarify what really is the language of the lyrics for "Inner Universe"? Ending theme is in full English: "Lithium Flower" by Tim Jensen (music by Yoko Kanno). :cool:
  • happosaihapposai PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yung tagalog opening/ending theme ng Shin-chan. Pang-asar... hehehehe.. pero nakaka aliw... :D
  • Try that song in Kacho Oji, Cautionary Warning by John Sykes.
  • All english songs in Initial D
  • Naruto first ending theme, "Wind" by Akeboshi.
  • Muntik ko nang makalimutan, nung pinindot ni Rock yung pindutan sa Metropolis biglang may sumabog tapos tumugtog yung classic(?) version na "I can't stop loooooooovin' youuuuuuuu!!!!"

    **** meyn, drama epek!
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    If you have watched Beserk it has a full english lyric.
    tell me why tell my why yan ang chorus nya.Kaso medyo bulol pa konti yung mga hapon na kumanta nito pero pwede na pagtyagaan.

    Spirit Dreams Inside performed by L'arc~en~ciel is in full english w/c was included in the Final Fantasy movie ost,maganda rin yun.

    I wonder if there wil be upcoming anime titles in the future that will include songs from the Beatles. Kasi yung Tekken movie used a song from Spawn, trip like i do by filter and the Crystalmethod.
  • Can anyone post the lyrics of the closing credits of Metropolis? I can't take it down myself. The japanese singer's got a really thick accent.
  • Inu-yasha's first op: Change the World

    nakuha ko sa kazaa.
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