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Boys' night out/ Girls' night out

You're going out on one of this girl/guy-bonding gimmicks. Where would you go? ;)


  • My girl friends and I would have a sleep-over at one of our houses...we would cook or bake, eat like pigs, exchange gossip, read tons of books and magazines, and yak, yak, yak all night.
  • my friends and i would usually go out and have dinner, have those chitchats...catch up on the latest chismis...heheh :) its really nyc to have one of those thingies once in a wyl, especially sleep overs...oh well! :)
  • Ada
    Ada Administrator
    These days when slumber parties are hard to plan, *sob* we usually watch a girly film, (one that guys wouldn't appreciate ;)) and then eat out afterwards. We try to catch up as much as we can.
  • of course, we'd prefer an out-of-town thing but since may pasok... eh, well, we're stuck in metro manila. bars & restaurants are the usually places we try to meet. but a night @ a quiet and comfy (unlike sa Starbucks na siksikan na) coffee shop is great as well. there u can really, really talk. the atmosphere is so soothing pa :) mmm... gusto ko na tuloy mag night out! thanks for the idea, ChiQui :)
  • No problem weye! :)
  • ChiQui...
    It's usually sleep-overs for me and my friends too. During vacations (sem break, summer, Christmas), we have lunch somewhere and just talk and talk and talk for hours til the staff gives us this "when-are-you-leaving" look! Hahahaha!!!!
  • glass house...

    Don't you find it amazing that time seems to literally run out for you and your girlfriends when you're catching up on things? It seems to me that an overnight slumber party isn't enough... :)
  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    My girl friends and I go food tripping..hehe we usually look for best new restaurants/cafes and have a good laugh over a great lunch or dinner..haay....i miss those days =)
  • derfor
    derfor Lovely day.
    we go watch a movie tapos uubusin ang pera sa neos tapos sllepover na may tulakan sa pool
  • derfor
    derfor Lovely day.
    we go watch a movie tapos uubusin ang pera sa neos tapos sleepover na may tulakan sa pool
  • My friends and I usually bond over a couple of beers after a game of basketball.

    Hey weye! Have you tried dropping-by Cilantro in Tomas Morato? It's a cozy place you could consider visiting. Ideal for bondings. I love their seaside asparagus pasta and their apple cinnamon tea is perfect for a nightcap.
  • ChiQui...
    I know exactly what you mean. It's like you just talked to them on the phone the previous night and when you see each other in school the next day, you still have tons of things to say to them!
  • dingdong, cilantros? isn't that the bar diether ocampo co-owns? nope, i haven't gone there yet. what kind of place is it?

    btw, there's this really cozy coffe shop along timog. i forgot the name but it's a great place to talk til the wee hours of the morning. a very great place to catch up with each others lives.
  • Hey weye!

    Cilantro serves coffee, pasta, tea , etc. and its a good place to try. Yes, Diet does co-own the place along with my cousin and two others. My cousin's group manages Diet, Kris A., Troy M. and other artists I can't recall as of now so it is very easy to bump into any of them in Cilantro. They hold their regular meetings there.

    I think I know this coffee shop which is open until the wee hours of the morning. Is it the one near a gas station where you are allowed to play board games? :)
  • yes, when you're with good friends it seems you never have enough to talk about.
  • my kada's boys night out is reserving the basketball court at the amoranto stadium and play basketball all night! tapos we go to my place and eat bread and white cheese + red wine
  • so what's the name of the coffee shop in timog?
  • Laos na ba ang Luneta Park ? hihihihihihihihi

    I'd rather spend the time where we could freely express ourselves and be comfortable with one another. A place where there is no full of distractions, a place that it would always be remembered.
  • Camping out with the boys is definitely the way to go.. or maybe kickin' it at the house watching sports (basketball, football) with pizza and tons of soda!
  • pag guys,its beer beer beer!
    pag girls, its street parties n discos
    pag in pairs, well, promo gimmicks n playing magic cube in posh fast food establishments, eg, Fridays >;:P
    depende na rin yan sa ugali ng friends mo, regardless of gender.
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