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Once On This Island Boradway Musical


Operation Big Brother Foundation together with Circle Isle Productions proudly present the musical “Once on This Island” at the University of the Philippines Theater on December 3, 2002 with shows at 4 PM and 7PM.

"Once on This Island" narrates the story of the power of the human heart over death as two lovers from different worlds try to defy fate in their search for their heart's desire.

Ti Moune, the peasant girl from the far end of the island, finds herself crossing fates with Daniel Beauxhomme- a wealthy young man from the city. Together, they go on journey filled with obstacles chartered by the gods for them.

For ticket inquiries, reservations and marketing inquiries, contact 9038113, 9343201 (Telefax), (0917)2549960-61, or send an e-mail at [email protected].


  • is this mama len's production? i was her original Ti Moune when it was still being produced in UA&P. Gosh, that was almost 3 years ago!
  • yup mint! this is len villena-umali's production =) eventually, CIP has been slowly producing plays and workshops for the past few months... i have seen the UA&P staging. it was great! i hope you'd watch this too. go tell your friends ayt?

  • wish I could, but alas, I'm 10,000 miles away. I'm in NY taking up Musical Theater. Say hi to Mommy Len for me. By the way, are you someone I know?
  • chevman
    chevman thespian at large...
    mint : wow...was that THREE years ago?? seems like only yesterday (cue the violin music)...:D

    i was also part of the UA&P staging, but an another year...i LOVE this play...one of my favorites...
  • I told her already. I'm CIP's Marketing PR Manager=) I think we met during the Once at the Philamlife Auditorium last May. She says hi too=)
  • p.m. me naman her cellphone #. I'll try to call her one of these days. tell her I'm also reading the novel "My Love, My Love", which OOTI was based on.

    chev: mga 2 years pa lang naman.

    FYI. Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (the composer and lyricist of Once, have a new show called "A Man of No Importance" at the Lincoln Center here in NYC. I'll try to watch it before the run ends this December.
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