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balut, anyone?

most people (esp girls and fil-ams) don't like this native fare of cooked duck eggs. I can tell they're missing a lot! masarap ang balut at masustansiya pa (sabayan mo pa ng san miguel beer!). ano gusto mo ba?


  • Hellowee! :)

    I like eating balut minus the chick. Weird, huh? My Dad takes care of that. I go for the egg yolk and sabaw. :D
  • i may sound weird or you may hear yourself saying "yuck" when you read this, but i eat balut.

    as in the whole thing.

    and i eat it as in WHOLE.

    you know, one bite. unless its too big for my mouth, i would eat the yellow part first, then the chick.

    tastes good, really! also, its like a health supplement, y'know, with all the vitamins and minerals it gives you.

    pro, if you try to eat one, close your eyes first. that is what i did when i had my first balut. and NEVER dissect the balut, kse it will definitely give you this urge to HATE it forever. :)

    maybe you should try one. happy eating....
  • Balut...pampalakas ng tuhod, right?

    I used to eat balut as well until that unforgettable day...

    I carefully chose the largest balut from a basket a relative brought over. I knocked the rounder end of the egg against the table and eagerly peeled of the cracked shell when..SPROIIING! The head of the chick sprang up and stared at me with its lidless eyes!

    It scared the hell out of me! Have you heard those stories about aborted babies who come back to haunt their mothers? I felt like the chick was holding me responsible for his/her premature departure!
  • hmmm.. balut... well, honestly speaking.. i can't eat the balut whole. i guess... i think of it as an aborted baby chick eh... hehehehehe... but on the serious side, im a very picky eater. the only part of the balut that i can eat would be the "sabaw". :)
  • thanks a lot shine, seven, Mavi and ChiQui for ur replies! this is my first time to post a topic so i'm a bit nervous. anyway we all have our sides about eating balut. gaya ng sabi ni seven, let's close our eyes and just savor the taste. if u don't agree, then i guess an ice cold san miguel beer will do, i hope.
  • balut eating is an acquired taste. you have to first taste it to decide whether you like the taste or not. i suggest that you eat it in a dark place, of course with a very cold beer in hand, to help you down the aborted duck. hehe
  • me and my friends usually eat balut after our drinking spree... it somehow brings ur back to our senses :) although i must admit, i don't eat the chick...
  • Shine: weird ba yon? pareho kasi tayo eh. ;)

    but when i was much younger (as in early grade school days pa) my mom would tell me na nada-dissect ko pa raw yung chick. pero ngayon, hindi ko na talaga ma-imagine ang sarili ko doing the same thing. kuntento na ako ngayon sa sabaw at eggyolk. :)

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  • militia... ur doing a good job! thanks also for posting a topic! :) keep up the good work!
  • I love the yolk and the sabaw. wowowie!
    But the chick? no way. There's just no way you can make me eat the poor chick (naawa pa eh patay na nga no? :) ) I actually tried it once before,pero may sumasabit na mga buto,paa,kuko(siguro)nung chick .... i could imagine the chick struggling to get out of my throat. eeeewwwww :D
    sorry ha.
  • i love balut ... i can down as much as 6 in one sitting [takaw!] ... i must admit that there r times when i have to take the whole thing in without even a glance at the chick but usually, i can eat the chick in small bites ... weird ba? honestly, medyo esp for someone who can't even look at those reputedly yummy day-old chicks ...
  • i love eating balut too, and i also don't eat the chick... kakaawa kse eh
  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Geez, if you don't eat the chick, why bother eating balut in the firstplace? Just go buy penoy instead. At least yun yolk lang at sabaw. Sinasayang ninyo naman yung senseless death nung chick. Give it the dignity it deserved by eating it instead of tossing it in the garbage bin. :lol:

    As for me, I love balut, everything down to the chick. It's so good that I can't resist eating balut. I could wolf down more than half a dozen pero I keep it a maximum of three kasi mataas ang cholesterol. Para sa kin dapat hinde masyadong matanda yung chick. Kakasuklam na kung may balahibo na yung chick. Once I ate one na matanda na yung chick. Man, the beak was rather crunchy pero weird na yung taste so I spat it out. Yech!

    Pero, I really love it. Here's a tip. Don't stare at the chick. just pop it in your mouth and Bon app?tit!
  • same here... i also love balut except d chick... kakatakot un ichura eh...:lol:
  • con12con12 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    tagal na ako ndi kain balut :)
  • i just ate balut last night...
    i eat the chick but not all the time..
    pag nakikita ko na yung beak, the eyes, or the legs, ngeks...ayaw ko na...yun yellow part lang eat ko and the sabaw of course :D
    it's yummy...especially when the suka's really good...yummm!
  • Originally posted by LadyMarmalade
    i eat the chick but not all the time..
    pag nakikita ko na yung beak, the eyes, or the legs, ngeks...ayaw ko na...yun yellow part lang eat ko and the sabaw of course :D
    it's yummy...especially when the suka's really good...yummm!

    i agree. super favorite ko rin ang balut. most of the time i eat the whole thing...with the chick and all...pero gusto ko balut sa puti...para yung chick hindi pa siya mukhang chick (nyeeh ang labo ko ata). pag kita ko na na mukhang totoong chick na siya ayoko na. hehehh.
  • sadirmatasadirmata PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    paborito ko rin ang balut, lalo na yung balut sa puti yung malaki-laki na ang sisiw! mas malaki ang sisiw, mas masarap, mas malinamnam! noong bata pa ako, may alaga kaming mga native na manok ay marami ang inaheng naglilimlim ng itlog. ang gawain ko ay kumukuha ako ng palihim ng mga itlog na nililimliman nung inahen at inilalaga ko, kinukuha ko yung malapit nang mapisa para mas malaki ang sisiw! ang sarap ng balut ng native na manok! subukan nyo!
  • ay sarap balot minus the chick! sarap isabay sa mainit na kanin!!!

    pero ingat sa bato ng balot, baka kayo mabulonan like our worker, muntik sya namatay, he was rushed to medical city.
  • jobinjobin PEx Rookie ⭐
    ay gutom tuloy ako! sarap ang balut noh, pati yung sabaw...yun nga lang minus din yung chick. tsaka di ko tinitingnan itsura niya...heheeheh!
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