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hap chan tea house [Merged]

Have you guys tasted the food at Hap Chan? It's simply the bast for me considering the hongkong-style restaurant and the very low price. Not to mention their mouth-watering fish fillet!

What can you guys say? :)



  • Hap Chan restaurant in Malate rocks!!!
    The food's really great and it's so affordable. The fish fillet and their machang are really masarap!!! Problem nga lang...most of the times you have to fall in line outside the restaurant because its always full...even in the weery hours of the morning...and I am talking about 1-2AM..
    It's near Pan Pacific so those who want to eat great and authentic Hong Kong food at a very reasonable price...visit Hap Chan!
  • have you guys been to their branch in sta. cruz manila? it's a 5 min walk from sta cruz church...
  • Ibang klase talaga ang pagkain diyan sa Hap Chan!!! It's the only real 'authentic Hong Kong-style' dimsum house in this part of the country! Buti na lang, open siya magdamag!

    I can taste their Beef-Brisket mami now...mmmm.
  • Wow! I didn't know there are Hap Chan lovers out there!

    The fish fillet is absolutely terrific! It's not just the fish, but the GARLIC.

    Try their bean curd and siomai.

  • yeah Hap Chan!!!!!!!!! i love their asado siopao!! =0
  • Since it's a very very small place, you'll smell like ulam after having your meal there...but the food is great! I like it better than Wok Inn.
  • M! - Sama mo ako!

  • Airhare: how about tonight? ;)

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  • yeah, the food there is great, kaya lang, sana they'd provide more seats for the waiting customers. it sometimes gets to me kung naghihintay ka na ng 30 mins ng nakatayo.
  • Have you ever been to Hap Chan in Malvar St., Malate? Great authentic Chinese food!
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yeah, Hap Chan is pretty good, especially if you don't mind waiting and if you don't look down the floor (ang dumi, grabe!). Their fish lip dish is good.
  • I love the food there! My dad and i head there when we're craving for chinese food late at night...not expensive pa!
  • I agree, if you like Chinese food, this place is IT. They should get smaller tables though because all they have are the large ones fit for parties.


    Not expensive? You must be kidding me. It costs a lot!
  • Expensive? I think Hap Chang is the most reasonable Chinese resto in town. Sulit!
  • frenzyfrenzy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Never been to Hap Chang, but my friend said the food there taste great!
  • Don't you know that Hap Chang has another branch somewhere in Blumentritt or dapitan? With more hygienic facilities and service, they say.
  • i miss eating at hap chang. the banawe branch is near the office but i can't just find time to visit the place. sigh.
  • ...my friends and i usually go to hap chan after gimik in malate, oh well good food at a very reasonable price...:cool:
  • GollumGollum PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    food's great, and the west avenue branch rarely ever has you queueing up.

    i especially love their tofu... and their brocolli flowers... and their soy chicken.. yumyum...
  • Their Branch in Wilson St., GreenHills is very CLEAN. I love ordering their Tausi with Spare Ribs, HongKong Style Soy Chicken, Hong Kong Style White Chicken, Spareribs also taste great plus their Fried Rice......dont order their Lemonade, tastes just like water with some Lemon Slices added to it.

    Service is Super Fast, The last time I bought Take out, it took them just 5 mins to give me my order.

    There was also a time when I was asking for a Cup of Plain Rice, and after a few seconds they were handing me my Cup.
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