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nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
I'm not even sure if I got the spelling right, but have you guys eaten in Wok-In? Very good rice meals for a slightly more than bargain price. For about a hundred bucks per person, expect a stomach filling meal. Yummy!!! Try out their Sipa, sobrang good!


  • Woooook iiiiiinnnnnn!! Of course I've tried it!! Their sipa is to-die-for!! My friends and I always manage to eat there at least once every two weeks because as you said, it's definitely filling and very affordable. Lunch eb at Wok in anyone? :)
  • I like their dumplings :) YUMMY!!!
  • Like you Chiqui, I used to eat there once every two weeks since I worked at LaTondena which is very close already. It's actually still close to where I live so I still find time to enjoy the sipa and the stuffed squid. We're opening up the new Mail & More at UN and Taft so I'm sure I'll find my way there somehow.

  • Me and my officemates have already eaten there on several occassions. We always end up satisfied and full. Yes Kaboom!, sipa and stuffed squid. Their scallops are also good.

    Last Friday, we had the pleasure of being served and assisted by a very courteous waiter at the Park Square branch. May your tribe increase, pal.
  • wok-inn!!! sarap dun, pero pangit kung sa park square kayo kakain! dun kayo sa dalawang magkatabing wok-inn sa malate! yung wok-inn and the original wok-inn! sarap yung stuffed squid and sipa!!!
  • Grabe! Grabe! Grabe!... Ako din ... I ate there super daming times na and mas nag enjoy ako doon kze nandoon din si KABOOM!!! Grabeeeee! Super cute! I think im in love... I kept on looking at him in between bites of Sipa and stuffed sqid na ang sarrrraaaaap ng super veggies sa loob ng squid... Ill definitely go back there lalo na if mag-e-EB na kami ni Kaboom.
  • sipa, fried tokwa, squids with the halaman inside...haaaaay ibalik nyo ko sa pilipinas!!!!
  • san po itong wok-in?
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