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There's a new store open right across UA&P, Ortigas Center. It's been jampacked with students from the day it opened. To promote their store, they gave away free coffee (all kinds and cup size mattered not! including their famous Frappuccino--the students demanded so much of it that the mocha-frapp machine broke down). I feel sorry for Coffee California,though. That was the pioneer coffee shop in the area. And Starbucks opened right beside it! Now the only people who frequent CoffeeCal are those who need to surf the net. But then again, nobody really cared much for coffee in school. But having Starbucks around, my gosh, the smell just calls to you..buy me, drink me! Suddenly, everyone's a coffee lover. Try their Rum cake. Yum!


  • This is the one along Pearl Drive right? Yeah, Starbucks has been grabbing market share the moment it opened shop here in the Philippines. In fact, it made the entire coffee thing trendy, something which its rival, Figarro, has not been able to do.

    But really, do you think that their coffee is all that great? I love the frappucino thing but all their hot beverages are above average at best. But that's just me. I do enjoy their pastry treats over there, though.

  • MaviMavi PExer
    I used to work in the Citibank building where Figaro is conveniently located at the ground floor entrance of the building. I'd always grab a cup of regular iced coffee and a small cake to get me through the mornings. Their brew has not only found its way to my stomach but also to my list of Things to Do First Thing in the Morning. I find Starbucks Coffee to strong for my liking. That's not to say that Figaro's is a wimpy brew but they definitely have a lighter concoction while retaining that nutty flavor.
    As for the Frappuccino, like all things ending in -ppuccino, all that cream just makes my stomach queesy. But then again, intolerance like mine doesn't apply to everyone.
    For the true coffee officionado (?) (pardon my "spanish"), I hear Mister Dean makes a pretty mean cup. I've tried one of his many renditions and it was pretty good!
  • Mavi: Why thanks! I'm pleased you like the brew.

    I pass by Starbucks along Pearl Drive on the way to work, and I gotta admit, the place is tempting for the coffee and pastry. Thing is, as far as coffee is concerned, I find the Starbucks brews way too pricey for their flavor. Figaro always had that nice feeling of value for money, something I don't get with Starbucks. Not to mention I can't help but think people frequent Starbucks not really because of the love of coffee but just to be seen.
  • I never was a coffee lover before but I don't what Starbucks has that I am now a convert! It seems that my week isn't complete if I don't get my Starbucks coffee. What's so nice about it is that it can be family place, a gimmick place or a venue where you can bring your dates. Am I sounding too much like a commercial? Hehehehehe...
  • Saw a lot of Starbucks Coffee drinkers somewhere in Makati. What I don't get was people drinking coffee outside where it was so hot and so humid. What's up with that?
    Or is it that being hot means being cool?

    Not a coffee drinker but love coffee-flavored stuff (like ice cream). Quite frankly, we got to support Pinoy first before the foreign ones especially if there's not much or no difference in quality.

    It's not the coffee, it's the syrup!
  • There is something in their coffee which makes it so appealing. For the non-coffee drinkers, their special teas are worth trying. The Raspberry something is my favorite. I think the best Starbucks is at Rockwell. It's a very cozy place that has seating not only inside but outside under those green umbrellas. Unlike the other places where people go there to be seen, and look like they're on the go, the atmosphere is more laid-back and relaxed. I also love the pastries. The Mango Sago is the best dessert at value for your money. Another bonus is that Bibliarch is right next door.
  • Coffee...
    I think in our country, the entire coffee experience (as with most of the things we Pinoys get into) isn't for its own sake (except for the true-blue coffee addicts! =)
    I doesn't really matter to me if I'm drinking Starbucks frappucino, or Coffee Experience's latte mocha, or even Royal Caribbean's mocha frap (RC's along President's Avenue in BF Homes)...I don't profess to be a coffee gourmet. But, the entire experience of walking into a Starbucks with friends, family or a date, is really something. It's not being pretentious or "pa-cool"...it's simply a part of our gimmick culture.
    Now if you ask me, as far as the caffeine jolt goes, I'd settle for good-old, home-brewed coffe! =)
  • But, the entire experience of walking into a Starbucks with friends, family or a date, is really something. It's not being pretentious or "pa-cool"...it's simply a part of our gimmick culture.

    Nothing personal here.

    But that's part of my point. Isn't the "perception" of Starbucks as a "cool" gimmick place some sort of a marketing "brain wash" by (fill in the blank)? What exactly is the "great experience" of Starbucks if not the "idea" of being seen there or talking about being there or something to that effect. Our gimmick culture which is so much "western-influence". It's not the same experience like drinking coffee in a cafe in France. Now that's part of their culture. Our's is simply a reproduction of something "they" want us to "want".

    Back when the US bases was an issue, I used to be pro-bases until one of my UP professor explained soemthing to me - that Filipinos are being conditioned to think the way the US wants them to think.

    Do you really enjoy drinking hot coffee outside a very hot & humid day? Honesty please!

    Well, this will be my last say coz I'm taking the fun out of this topic. Sorry!

    I must be getting old! :(

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  • But which mix is the Starbuck's bestseller? Maybe it's not so much the steaming coffee that Filos drink outside in the blazing heat but the iced coffee shakes like the frappuccino, or some other flavored coffee shake. Iced coffee has gained popularity here in the Philippines. Even KFC restaurants carry iced coffee.
  • Is it just me or does Figaro's brews taste better than Starbucks? I asked this question to a friend who grew up in Seattle, and she told me a probable reason: Starbucks' beans come all the way from Seattle. So meaning if you order their blend made from Batangas beans, they first send it to Seattle to "cook" it (is this the right term?) then send it back here. I don't know if this is true, though.
  • i'm sure mister dean is right, that a lot of people do go to starbucks to be seen; but i think a lot of people go there because it's EVERYWHERE, it's accessible, and therefore, it's the first place that comes to mind when you're thinking of where to go after dinner. i am addicted to their hazelnut cappuccino (as much for its wonderful smell as for its taste) and iced choco. if starbucks' brews are a bit too pricey for some of you, and you have to have a quick cup of coffee, mag Nescafe Ice Coffee nalang kayo... I tried it, it's good too.

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  • Jacob:

    Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!
  • The taste of Starbucks coffee makes me wish there was one in front of my school. If anyone reading this belongs to the powers that be, put up a branch in front of De La Salle University!! Marami pupunta doon!
  • when travelling, my idea of a good 'nuff hotel is one with clean, crisp sheets on a cool, clean bed ... airconditioning that works ... hot water in the shower ... and great brewed coffee ...

    all this hype abt starbucks is so much like the asti phenom [when the uninitiated thinks it's the asti spumante is the best champagne in the world -- har! de har! har!] ...

    good coffee should have a strong but pleasant after-taste ... coffee california's got better coffee than starbucks [and u're not contributing to dr. evil's cause pa] ... i go for starbucks for the belgian waffles [the generous whipped cream topping, actually] ...

    there's this place along sgt. esguerra called cafea, it's got better ambience and better coffee ... my coffee buddies and i used to frequent sanfo along west av but it's tom sawyer's now and lost its appeal ...
  • Starbucks is constructing a branch in Katipunan..i guess ang mga peyups at atenista ay magigin addict na rin sa cape.
  • What's with the whole coffee addiction? I think some of the people aren't real coffee lovers. They're just trying to join the trend that coffee's in. Oh well...
  • What drink do you regularly have when you go to Starbucks?

    Ako, usually Mocha Frappuccino or Hot Chocolate.
  • I think the Mocha Frappucino is sooooooooo overrated....everyone has that drink...but hey i have to admit it is quite good. But what i like better is their new drink...the Rhumba Frappucino..for hot drinks...i usually get a Cappucino or a Cafe Mocha...but when it comes to brewed coffee..its still Figaro for me...and for hot chocolate...Coffee California has the best so far...
  • Only two kinds for me: Italian and Chinese

    Italian = Cappuccino

    Chinese = Kape Chino
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm a true coffee person, so I keep my choices to double espresso, Cafe Americana, and cafe latte. I don't like my coffee adulterated with chocolate nor whipped cream.
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