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job for a new CPA

hi! im actually looking for a new job within manila or makati area. im a fresh CPA board exam passer and still having doubts if there will be companies to hire me since i am already 5 months pregnant. im really willing to work and dont wanna be left idle at home. if anyone here can help me i would greatly appreciate it.


  • LodRoseLodRose Grok Offline or Go Pfft! PExer
    you're right in your doubts. especially with the hard times companies are experiencing nowadays, i highly doubt any of them would hire you at your condition, even if you are a cpa.

    actually, a lot of experienced CPAs i know are having a hard time looking for new jobs these days.

    how are your grades? if you come from a nice school (er...all the more reason for them to ask dem damn questions-eh ako pa nga lang magtatanong na e pero wag na lang wa nman ako paki jan) and your grades are nice, you might try out the top auditing firms because it's a nice way to kick off your profession as a CPA.

    you have to tell them outright though that you're pregnant, and then...uh...i don't know what they'll say. depends on your grades and co-curricular activities (they need to be impressive!) but most of them are hiring on november since it's busy season already so try mo pa rin. malay mo.

    goodluck anyway.


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