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is Erwin Tulfo professinal enough to host MUB?

Have you seen Magandang Umaga Bayan (MUB) , Oct. 21. The news was hot, about the bombing in Fort Pilar. Everything was just going well when Erwin Tulfo, one of the host, asked the reporter and it goes something like this
Erwin Tulfo: di ba napapalibutan ng muslim community ang Fort Pilar?
Reporter: mga 10 minutes from here ang muslim community, Mon.
Erwin Tulfo: kaya naman pala.....
What does he mean about "kaya naman pala"? Was he implying something on the muslim community in Fort del Pilar? I accept, I read Erwin Tulfo's Articles in the PDI Newspaper and he's show "Mission X". I admire his courage and straightorwardness in delivering news to the public. But in he's reaction, is he telling the public that he judges the person by he's/her religion? Is he implying something on the muslims near the Fort Pilar?

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  • SpinosaurusSpinosaurus Beats T-rex ! PExer
    Ganyan talaga ang style ng mga Tulfo. Masasanay ka rin. Natatawa na lang nga ako kapag naririnig ko ang mga yan.


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