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Griffin and Sabine

Hi there! I'd just like to know who among you have read what, to me, is most probably the most inventive and entertaining book of the modern times, the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy, by Nick Bantock...

What are your thoughts about the books?



  • hi there..... there is already a thread about this trilogy, and nick bantock..... just browse over since i dont think the search thingy is workin.... and yeah, these books are very entertaining!:)
  • Hi there PiaYA!

    Thanks for the info! I'll go and look for that thread then. :) Yeah, too bad the search thingie isn't available... :rolleyes:

    Have a nice day/night!
  • sabine92575
    hi there! nice to know other people who appreciate nick bantock's griffin and sabine :-)
  • shades_of_grey
    shades_of_grey eternally damned
    Griffin and Sabine rocks! :rocker:

    Some work!
  • ditto! :)
  • Its amazing how it plays on the innate voyeuristic tendancies everyone has of "peeking into other people's lives" and seeing how it turns out.

    And the artwork itself tells so much more stories within it.
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