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legality of a contract stipulation.

legality of contract stipulations

Hi guys,

I need your opinion on the legality of a contract stipulation. here goes...

In the company I work for, one of the stipulations in the contract is that after resigning or getting fired by my company I am not allowed to work for one year in any direct or indirect competitor. This virtually means that If I resign I cannot work for a year. Does this mean I just starve for a year? I was not aware of this stipulation when I signed on... stupid huh? We are regular employees and not contractuals.

There have already been some resignees from our firm which were given letters of warning that the firm will sue them for breaching this stipulation.

Is this stipulation legal? what are my options

please help


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    It seems you also asked this question in the Legal Beagles thread. It has been answered there.
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