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GMA for President, Roco for Vice in 2004?

I think Roco should run as the vice-president of Gloria in 2004.

What do you think?


  • bondyingbondying Member PExer
    They're really meant for each other.

    Roco is Gloria's clone, or Gloria is Roco's clone.

    Kaya, bagay sila! They deserve each other.
  • LightspeedLightspeed Mr. Optimist PExer
    If the EDSA Dos Forces still want to retain power in 2004, this is the most logical thing to do...

    Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for President and Raul Roco for Vice-President.

    There is no other way. The problem is that Roco doesn't want the Vice-Presidential slot. It's the presidency or nothing else, according to him. He is willing to team up with GMA but only if GMA is his Vice, which I think is very impossible.

    These two should think about patching up their differences because if they do not, they will surely split the EDSA Dos votes.

    I sense this because even here in PinoyExchange, the anti-Erap people are being divided by these two. Dangerous... I tell you... dangerous!

    If the EDSA Dos votes are divided, then it's a sure ticket to their common loss and the victory of either FPJ, Lacson or Angara, who have indicated that they are willing to unite behind a common Erap-anointed EDSA Tres candidate.

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