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Don’t you think the PBA should limit the number of Fil-Foreigners for each team?

It is obvious that the Fil-Foreigners have invaded the PBA. A number of teams, notably Alaska, have taken advantage of this and has a lot of half-Filipinos on their team. During the first and second conferences, it can be seen that Alaska sometimes uses three half-Filipinos plus the two imports on the floor at the same time, leaving no place for our own home-grown talents. What do you think of this situation?

Can anyone give the exact number of Fil-Foreigners for each team? I don’t have a list of the complete roster of players for each team. Thanks.



  • KARTOGKARTOG PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Do you really want to limit Fil-Ams in the pro league just so the so-called 'homegrown' talents can have their own spot under the sun? You know, maybe it's just me but I'd rather watch a league of Fil-Ams, even Fil-Shams, who give their A-game every time than get bored by primadonna 'natives' like Marlou, Meneses, Limpot and the like. If they want to stay in the league, they better shape the heck up. If we 'limit' the presence of ultra-competitive half-Filipinos then surely we'll be swallowing the basketball version of the poison pill.

    It is one thing to have an 'off-night', quite another to fail without even really trying. Yes, I'm talking about the 'native' players' tendency to hold back solid effort and try to coast on to the next game/season. Sa PBA ayos lang, dahil pareho-pareho nilang ginagawa yon, except of course the much-maligned half-Filipinos. Pero sa Asian level pa nga lang, kitang-kita mo na diperensya. The pace of the game is a far cry from the petiks-petiks of the PBA.

    A bit off-topic: I am really at a loss why some people have labeled the Fil-Ams as playing without heart in the recent Asiad when they were the ones who literally carried the fight for the team esp Asi, Menk and Cariaso. Those who were pictures of inconsistency include 'natives' Ildefonso, Hontiveros and Duremdes. Nakupu, kung si Ildefonso lang ang mapapanood natin araw-araw sa PBA e mas mabuti pang me script na lang ang bawat game.
  • No, without them I don't think the PBA will still be thriving up to now. Baka lumubog na ito lalo na noong sobrang taghirap ang bansa.
  • No, I have nothing against Fil-Foreigners, I just want for each team to have equal or almost an equal number of half-Filipinos on their teams. That's why I'm requesting from anyone of you if you have a count of Fil-Foreigners for each team.

  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Pano nussie Cortez?
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by KARTOG
    You know, maybe it's just me but I'd rather watch a league of Fil-Ams, even Fil-Shams, who give their A-game every time than get bored by primadonna 'natives' like Marlou, Meneses, Limpot and the like

    Couldn't have said it better *okay*
  • color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    nope...... fil-ams..... should be allowed to play as long as they are not FIL-SHAMS...... kasi they're filipino too....and they have the right like anyone filipinos playing in the PBA

    ito naman...... off topic

    bakit napuputok ang butche ni chito narvasa sa pagdating ng coach ng talk n txt

    eh desisyon ng talk n txt mgmnt yun ah ...at saka.... pera naman nila yun....wala siyang pakialam kung ano gawin ng mgmnt.......

    read oct 29, 2002 issue of the manila bulletin....may article dun sinulat......ok na ok...... title is Times cHanged
  • talent should be the only basis of whether a player gets a spot on a team. if the homegrown pinoys cant cut it, it should serve as a motivation for them to work harder at their game.

    by putting a limit on the number of filams on one team, youre also putting a limit on progress. we should maximize the talent of the people available.
  • i have nothing against fil-foreigners playing in the pba and i dont care how many there are each team, basta dapat mga totoong filipino-foreigners hindi yung mga fake katulad nina pena, taulava, harp, pennisi etc.
  • Ginebra
    - Mark Caguioa
    - Jayjay Helterbrand
    - Eric Menk
    - James Walkvist

    - Andy Seigle
    - Noy Castillo

    San Miguel
    - Danny Seigle
    - Dorian Pena
    - Nic Belasco

    - John Arigo
    - Ali Peek
    - Robert Duat

    Talk & Text
    - Kenny Evans
    - Alex Crisano
    - Asi Taulava

    Pop Cola
    - Rudy Hatfield
    - William Antonio
    - Raffy Reavis

    - Rob Wainwright
    - Tony Dela Cruz
    - Chris Jackson
    - Mike Hrabak

    Red Bull
    - Devon Harp
    - Mick Pennisi

    - David Friedhoff

    * I excluded Jeffrey Cariaso, Elmer Lago, Dwight Lago, Miguel Noble, Vince Hizon since they played college and amateur ball here in the Philippines.

    *As for the question: Should there be a limit for the number of filams acquired by PBA teams..

    As long as they prove there lineage and heritage then they should be given equal rights. PBA teams should be allowed to hire all the filams or amboys they want as long as they are legit. As for our home grown talent, it should serve as a challenge. If they want more playing time then they better shape up, work hard. Each spot in a team is earned not asked for. :winky:
  • fil-ams? aren't they filipinos as well? as long as they're legit then they have the same right to play in the PBA.

    gusto mo bang i'limit yung fil-ams per team para magkaroon ng chance yung mga "homegrown" talents? di ba mas ok kung maraming fil-ams na magagaling para umangat level ng competition?
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Teka, Fil-Am bas si Caguioa? Di ba pure pinoy siya who grew up sa US?
  • Originally posted by neth_row
    Teka, Fil-Am bas si Caguioa? Di ba pure pinoy siya who grew up sa US?

    yun na nga ang ibig sabihin ng fil-ams.....
  • No, there should be no limit as to the number of fil-ams allowed to play per team in the pba. it raises the competition and the filipinos have to improve. The quality of games improved, the filipinos are ingit lang becuase nawala sila the ecena.

    Fil-ams have the same rights as filipinos, as long as they are not like Segova and Parker.

    the difficult thing about pinoys is that they are so parochial ( forgive my spelling) that is why hindi umasenso ang pinas.

    in the NBA , there is no limit as to how many pinoys can play there diba. sha nga pala, the uaap has a stupid rule of having a fil-am take up residency of 2 years, before playing. and the Lago brothers in 1991 uaap wars could not play together for the la salle team. one at a time lang. that is a stupid rule, si montinola talaga. ang hirap intindihan ang logic ng of uaap and sometimes the pba.
  • obvious ba?! baka di nyo lang alam ang daming player na walang trabaho sa ngayon...mantakin nyo napakarami ang nag-try out sa welcoat sa pbl, mga 50-100 yata yun at 3 lang ang open na spot...halo-halo yun mga ex-pro's at amateur...

    ang pba eh dapat sa local player...di yata nila nakikita ag epekto...yan ang problema sa kanila...naawa ako dun sa mga batang eh nangangarap na mag pro pero di makapasok...
  • Originally posted by neth_row
    Teka, Fil-Am bas si Caguioa? Di ba pure pinoy siya who grew up sa US?
    Originally posted by bedan
    yun na nga ang ibig sabihin ng fil-ams.....
    Actually Fil-ams stands for Filipino Americans.. Those half breeds like the Seigle brothers, Mick Pennisi, Davon Harp, etc..

    Mark Caguioa isn't a fil-am. He is an Am-boy meaning a pure breed pinoy who grew up in the States..

  • Nope, sila nga ang reason kung bakit tumaas ang quality ng laro sa PBA. As long as part Filipino pa rin (wag naman peke katulad nila Asi Taulava), ok lang.
  • sherlocksherlock PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by MajorPain
    - Mark Caguioa
    - Jayjay Helterbrand

    fil-ams ba sila mark and jayjay... di ba fil-ams yung mga half pinoys and half americans... eh sa pagkakaalam ko mark is a pure pinoy na lumaki sa states while si jayjay eh pure filipino rin yata pero nagkaroon ng stepfather na american kaya nabago yung surname... jayjay ramos yata name niya talaga... :)
  • i think this is not the solution...

    magdagdag na lang ng teams ang PBA!!

    more teams, more players, more talents and more basketball!!!
  • i agree with spongklong... more teams! ang dami na nag-aaply diyan for franchises e... more teams meaning more players can join. better competition pa. nga lang, i don't exactly know how viable this is, business-wise...

    plus, why not just make it 2 conferences per year? 1 all-pinoy, the other, with an import... para ma-hasa ng todo ang mga pinoy! 2/3 of the year, halos lahat ng spotlight nasa imports... e di ba nga PBA to? PHILIPPINE basketball association...
  • Personally, Fil-foreigners should not be limited. Its the outright imports that we should now REJECT! For the longest time, I have been writing to the PBA that these imports are the reason why Philippine basketball has been rotting from the inside for ages now.
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