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[GAME] PBA-NBA player riddle

9ino9ino PExer
Libangan at pampalipas oras lang habang naghihintay kayo ng new replies sa mga thread dito sa SC... :D

This game is simply a riddle. A person gives clue about a certain player (PBA or NBA), then everyone else will try to guess who that player is. Person who gets the correct answer will provide the next riddle.

I'll start... :D

"My name might sound like a baby and I might look one too
But I'm a King at heart
and for sure, you'll give me a perfect 10
when you see me play at crunch time!"

^ Guess who's that player :D

Note: If you're sure with your answer, pls provide the next riddle right away.
But if you're not, pls wait for the person(who gave the riddle) to confirm if your answer is correct.
You can also ask for more clue if the riddle is kinda hard.




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