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The next PBA Commissioner. Sino gusto niyo?

Who should be the worthy and capable successor of Jun Bernardino as the PBA Commissioner.

So far, 3 names have surfaced.

Rey Gamboa, Chito Narvasa and Noli Eala.

Wildcards - Sonny Barrios, Elmer Yanga and Ricky Palou

Now who's your bet. Speak up people!!:cool:


  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Definitely not Sonny Barrios. Yes, continuity might be good. Pero enough is enough. Parang hindi nagpalit ng liderato kung si Barrios ang magiging next Commish. Isama mo na si Ricky Palou sa no-no list ko.

    Kung si Chito Narvasa, then we might see an end to SMC "controlling" the league. Or at least, having a hold on the league. Noli Eala is better off as an anchor, while Elmer just isn't fit for the office.

    Perfect man for the job: Rey Gamboa *okay* He's a hands-on person, just and fair, with a lot of corporate experience. Best of all, he has genuine loe for the sport and not just for the PBA as a business entity. We might just see the Philippines back in the international basketball scene under Mr. Gamboa's tutelage.
  • Wag si Chito Narvasa. He's too closed-minded. He's not what the league needs. If he does become commissioner, expect the league to stagnate and never develop. Case in point: he's after the head of yet another foreign coach. I think it's great that he wants the homegrown coaches to have jobs, but this really isn't in his hands. It's the team management's right to choose who they want to coach their team. And besides, having foreign coaches over will surely be beneficial to the league in the long run.

    Noli Eala? He's still way too young and inexperienced. He hasn't been in the league long enough. Marami pang kakaining bigas, so to speak. I heard he has pretty good plans naman, pero being a commissioner isn't just about conceptualizing - it's about putting things into action. With all due respect to Mr. Eala, I don't think he has enough experience to do that just yet.

    neth_row is right, kung si Sonny Barrios naman, it would be like Mr. Bernardino never left. Iba naman, we need fresh new ideas. Elmer Yanga, as everyone keeps reiterating, is just too mabait to be effective.

    The most logical choice? Definitely Mr. Rey Gamboa. He has been highly involved with the PBA since the 80's, so he already knows the ins and outs of the league like the back of his hand. He's already filthy rich, so corruption is out of the equation. And besides, he's just too proud to stoop down to that level. He is a fair, just, and honest man with a genuine love for the sport and the league. And you can be sure na walang politika if he becomes the commissioner. Yan si Mr. Gamboa: no frills.
  • JeFFSTaRJeFFSTaR PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Rey Gamboa! Definitely not Noli Eala..
  • Basta wag lang si Narvasa. Di kailangan ng PBA ang isang tao na makitid ang utak. Also, duda rin ako sa way he handles people and players. Remember his last coaching stint? and of coure the foreign coach issue. His stand just implies what will happen to the PBA pag nandun cya. Di uunlad. tsk tsk.

  • si mike enriquez na lang!
  • Yeah, anybody except Noli Eala.
  • anybody who is open minded enough to give way to the ABC championships
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