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anybody here who has watched this anime?? I totally love this. Although the story is a bit slow, i liked the character developments and the music(it has this Noir-ish feeling)

It's about this guy Tsukasa trapped inside the RPG game "The World". then he meets other players and tries to find out about the existence of the key of the twilight. rumors has it that this item surpasses even the servers. He also has this connection with a girl and some voice that gave him the power to just shift from server to server. the ending caught me off-guard though

As of now, there are 26 eps of the anime and they made a 4-ep OVA entitled .hack//LIMINALITY. Then there's the manga entitled .hack//DUSK. And finally a PS2 game- .hack//infestation.
talk about money-making


  • Talk about slow. I've seen the first 3 episodes and I don't know if I want to continue watching the rest. There's hardly any action going on, just talk and more talk.

    The OST is amazing though. You're right about the Noir-ish feel, since the soundtrack is composed by the same person.
  • badooch!!! hehe tama ka doon Slooooowww hehehe ewan ko nga ren kung tatapusin ko yung series eh hehe.. but i like the concept of a guy trapped in a digital game world hehe kinda reminds me of an ep in chobbits... pero sabi ng frend ko gaganda daw yung story as eps go on... hmmmm
  • watched up to episode 7. it's really really slow. all talk up to then. but i like it. haven't gotten a chance to watch the succeeding episodes tho. and yes, the soudtrack is really good.
  • Reminds me of The Matrix. No wait that's The Matrix and Reboot! Except this one's got bigger eyes.........
  • Even though it has a slow flow, I really like .hack//sign. The concept is great. Story twists are really good, it won't dissapoint you. Soundtrack is really great, in-game and OP and ED. Characters are good esp. the high level ones. Nway, all in all I recommend that you watch the anime from start to end.

    I've seen 22 episodes of it and waiting for the R1 version for the PS2 game.
  • I was able to watch the whole series of Hack Sign. Got a complete copy of it in fact. :) A very good story! Great concept in fact. It's like an RPG story but with a unique approach.

    As for Hack Liminality, I already got the first two episodes (and that reminds me I have to watch them soon) and waiting for the last 2 episodes to arrive.
  • great anime, havent heard of it for quite some time, pahiram ng CD's. :D
  • It looks and feels like an RPG, with matching background music pa buong episode. Yup the pacing may be slow, but then again, so is Noir. Kaya makakayanan ko na rin panoorin to.

    Dati kasi 'nakatulog' ako sa isang ep.
  • hack sign belongs to those anime that you have to watch the start to get the story. nevertheless, i still think it was really good. i wonder when can i play the PS2 game?... balmung and helba are one of the main characters in the game while in the anime both have only few screen appearances. i haven't seen the liminality yet

    the bg music is the best part of the anime.
  • Yeah, I want to see more of those characters. They look so cool. Nway, they are not the main characters since *I don't want to give any spoilers*
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