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Lawyers: Please Help Us!

Finals kasi namin sa Law next week. Tungkol ito sa Piatco build-operate-transfer contract that the government entered into for the construction and operation of the NAIA Terminal 3. Nagtatalo pa kasi kami ng mga classmate ko and naisip naming magtanong dito sa PEX sa mga lawyers ng opinion nila. Ano masasabi niyo…

1. Is the contract valid and binding upon the government?
2. If not, what is the nature of the contract, specifically, the defect therein that would justify the government from terminating and seeking a re-negotiation thereof?
3. If you were to be the adviser of the government, what remedies would you suggest, if any, with respect to such contract?

Thanks very much.


  • Brandon96Brandon96 Currus Meus Fractus Est PExer
    Just study your OBLIGATIONS AND CONTRACTS texts, notes, and reviewers as well as your POLITICAL LAW (Constitutional Law) texts, notes, and reviewers.

    As a future lawyer, you should be doing your thinking right now for yourselves while you are still safe within the confines of the academic setting.:)

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