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applauding arnold arre's AFTER EDEN

a while ago, i spent the lazy afternoon with this new masterpiece of a graphic novel by arnold arre. i was in a cafe in the podium mall, immersed within the mushiness of the ambience caused by the musicians in the atrium of the mall and musing around the lives of the a-hole greg, the b?tch lea, the childish innocent mike and cathy, and the lovebirds jon and celine in after eden.

it cannot NOT be mushy. it has to be mushy. love is always mushy. yeah this book is as mushy as the word mushy can get. yet i am in awe with the writer's humor, wit, tantalizing style, language, and puerile characters. every reader would see the adams and eves in their very own lives---every mushy couples and every bitter supporting casts to any love stories would agree.



  • mushy?
    yes it is mushy. it's a love story, it has to be mushy; with all the "i am your adam, you are my eve" and "you have to find your season" stuff. :heartful:
    but it is a good book all in all. *okay*

    i wonder kung madami na nakabasa nito?
  • You can check out Miss Bauzon's thread about this New graphic novel from Arnold Arre. :wink:
  • I've been browsing Arnold Arre's website this afternoon and learned about this particular "novel" by him.

    Anyway, is the book available at National Bookstore? Powerbooks?
  • i don't know.
    mine was a gift from a friend :)
  • The book's available in all National Bookstores, Powerbooks, and Comic Quest outlets.
  • Hi and thanks for starting this thread, Walangdila :)

    Hope you guys can help spread the word about Arnold's book tour (naks). He'll be signing copies of After Eden (and his other works na rin). Here's the schedule.

    Nov. 10 - National Book Store (Megamall)
    Nov. 17 - National Book Store (SM North Edsa)
    Nov. 24 - National Book Store (Superbranch, Cubao)

    Thanks again :) Hope we can meet you all soon!

  • Sweetkay
    Sweetkay looking for my next mistake
    It is a love story but it also discusses a lot of things ... the love story at times get to the point of being but a mere decoration.

    After Eden is about Celine and Jon but it is also about innocence lost, about cynicism ... people who are too jaded in this world that they cannot handle seeing people who are happy. It is about gender fairness and political correctness. It is about how, in this world where hatred abounds, there stil lare people who remain happy.

    After Eden is a combination of all these things and yet it remains understandable and interesting. It does not lose its audience in all the video games it presents and angels who look like Sailor Moon wannabes. It is a book worht reading.
  • skybastian
    skybastian bloody wicked
    Mahal ko ang graphic novel na ito. I tried to protect it pero hindi na rin nakapagpigil ang mga humiram kaya medyo lagas-lagas na siya ngayon.

    I really dig lea and greg. one interesting couple. very intellectual. :lol:

    Galing talaga ni Arnold Arre.
  • lea and greg :handsdown:
  • Hello again and thanks for supporting Arnold! :)

    Please take note of these additional book signing dates:

    November 23, Powerbooks Megamall

    November 30, Powerbooks Glorietta

    All launches will start at 3 pm. See you!!! ;)
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