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Funniest wrong pronounciation u heard?

SourPussSourPuss gagah gurrrl! PExer
Mine was "puus".

"miss, wala ba kayong nail puuser? Yung pang puus ng nails?"



  • VeraVera Member PExer
    Fa-uks Pass (faux pas) - To think na Literature major ang narinig kong nagsabi niyan!

  • angelicDAWangelicDAW Member PExer
    5th floor pronounced as "p floor"
    tortoise pronounced as "tor-tua"
  • EinaEina Member PExer
    English teacher: The bur...
    Class: Ma'am, bur?!?
    English teacher: (incredulous) Ha?!? Hindi niyo alam yung bur?!? Teddy bur!!!
    Class: Aah, bur! *snicker*

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  • EternaEterna Chances Are PExer
    "Children please bee hive." (behave)

    "I am talking about the baldag and the balprag." (bulldog & bullfrog)

    pronounced as pifth or fipth

  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Ehehehehe, I actually have a LIST. :D evil.gif evilgrin.gif silly.gif lol.gif

    endependent (independent)
    cancil (cancel)
    vulue (value)
    eyny (any)
    enterest (interest)
    siparate (separate)
    wither (whether)
    cup of soap (cup of soup)
    bot (both)
    estublish (establish)
    squerred (squared)
    sulid (solid)
    gruffs (graphs)
    variavle (variable)
    froof (proof)
    angol (angle)

  • eboyeboy Member PExer
    How bout in an interaction....all boys all girls skewl....The guidance councilor...goes....

    OK boys ang GELS.....hahaha lol.gif

    kakahiya yata.....hehehe
  • Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma ✭✭
    Hmmmm...some words the maid was teaching my little brother.

    Greeps = Grapes
    Gremis = Grimace
    Weel = Whale
    Bur = Bear
    Petsa = Pizza
    Limon = Lemon
  • Minus HumanMinus Human Member PExer
    Beng-gens ~ VENGEANCE

    goth-home.gif Barely breathing
  • Cali4NiaCali4Nia Member PExer
    FACADE pronounced PHA-KADE....bwaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa :D
  • rorsrors smash mo mukha mo :) PExer
    sourpuss, sorry but no offense pls. was it intentional in writing "pronounciation?" i think it should be "pronunciation" :)
  • karabinerkarabiner Member PExer
    caller: hi, can u play the song Turn by Natalie Imbruglia?
    me: ah, "Torn". i'll try to squeez... (interrupted)
    caller: NO, "Turn".

  • yax-ytterpyax-ytterp ??d?zz????",2,"f93f4e1a0e8402088d31696886123f9fwhH
    teacher to a child's parent: Yes Maam! We have a field trip tomorrow... please don't forget to bring your f*cked lunch!

    hehe, shempre packed lunch yun. at ang comment naman ng friend ko ay masarap daw ang f*cked lunch... tsk, tsk! silly.gif bop.gif
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    lol.gif @ "tortua" for tortoise!
  • EternaEterna Chances Are PExer
    here's more:

    way back college days, i had a classmate who only knew 3 vowels instead of 5.why? she read the vowels this way

    ah-eh-eh-oh-oh (A E I O U)

    '...taxation is important because we could use the money to beld skuls, roods n bredgis". (build schools, roads and bridges)

  • MiracleMiracle SchwarzBlatt PExer
    I remember way back in grade school one of my teachers told our class to: "Don't forget to bring your VOLLEYBALLS." We were on our way to the gym for our First Friday Mass kaya nagulat kme sa sinabi nya.... Well, it turned out she meant valuables pala and nde volleyballs.... sheeeesh! :rolleyes:
  • waffledishwaffledish Member PExer
    valuables=volleyballs? lol.gif thats a good one!

    i had this test back in college.. it was a "name the part" sort of thing... and all semester long the prof kept on describing a particular part as "sour face" and he never wrote anything on the board... so almost everyone wrote in "sour face" sa test... and everybody got it wrong coz the correct answer was "surface"... doh!
  • chick-boychick-boy Member PExer
    one time i overheard the tutor of my kid brother reading: "The gurl is preti" (the girl is pretty)

    then the other day i heard her saying naman: "good, gooder, goodest!"
  • Since we're leaving for the Phils tomorrow, I've been hearing "business class" lately pero ang Dad ko, he just love pronouncing it as "bees sneeze"!!!! Hay naku po! Bless you Dad!!!
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PExer
    Yung botany teacher ko noon...

    lipids = "LAY-pids."
    proteins = "pro-TAYNS"
    simulated = "SAYM-ulated"

    Heto pa...

    "The plant consists of three parts: the rut, the shut, and the frut."
  • Mister DeanMister Dean PExer
    OhmiGod! This is SOOOO funny! lol.gif :D

    household help sa bahay ng kaibigan ko: Hello! You want a kick?
    Me: kick?
    Her: Kick. Chocolate kick!

    Susmaryosep! lol.gif

    [This message has been edited by Mister Dean (edited 06-27-2000).]

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